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Oceanic Gaming is an Online Gaming Community, based in the Oceanic region.

While we are mostly from Australia/New Zealand, we welcome like-minded, mature gamers from all around the world. 

Oceanic Gaming is home to Rusted World and Oceanic ARK!

We're so pumped that you're here, and we can't wait to see you around!

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  1. New Aussie Content

    Hey @aj2homie I've not had a chance to get in and play yet, but hoping to soon! Looks very good! Maverick
  2. Maverick

  3. ARK: Survival Evolved Full Release

    Join us in celebrating the Full Release of ARK: Survival Evolved. Oceanic Gaming Discord, Saturday 19/08/17, 8PM AEST.
  4. Sh*tFaced Sunday (SystemZeroLIVE)

    Join @System-Zero in our Weekly Stream Segment: Sh*tFaced Sunday! Grab a few bevvies, and tune in for some average at best, gaming! You can find the stream on the front page of our website, or on Twitch. Remember to Follow or Subscribe!
  5. How Do.

    Welcome to Oceanic Gaming mate! :)
  6. Oceanic Rust 2x Server

    OceanicRust 2x Vanilla Weekly Wipes IP: Sydney, Australia. Come and experience our New 2x Rust Server! Rates Gather (2x) Smelt (2x) Craft (2x) Recycler (2x) Drops (2x) Anything Not Mentioned has been left Vanilla. This Server wipes weekly, on Fridays.
  7. New Donation =AMG= Community!

    Everyone, A Huge THANK YOU to the former members of the =AMG= Community for their super generous donation of $310! @Honjura @espoig @teh_major @System-Zero Love you guys! Maverick and Snowcat
  8. Blackwake ranking board?

    Hey @Bert_the_Third We are looking into it! Hope we can have some more info to you soon! ~M
  9. Server #2 Not Restarting After Reset

    Hey Guys, Server 2 is now restarting. We are active on our Discord and pinging us there can get a quicker response :) Cheers
  10. HI

  11. Hello

    Hey Killian! Welcome to Oceanic Gaming! Great to have you here, enjoy Conan Exiles! Maverick
  12. New Donation Krispz

    Thank you! :)
  13. Oceanic News - [March 2017]

    Hello! Well! A lot has happened so far, in 2017!! Just to recap on a few of the exciting things that have unfolded this year so far, Oceanic Gaming has accomplished the following: New Website/Forums Launched Expansion of our Game Inventory (Added Conan Exiles, BlackWake) Primary Dedicated Server upgraded to i7-7700K CPU. (PERFORMANCE BOOST - WAHOO!) Commenced migrating VOIP Communications and Community Hub to Discord (400+ Members!) Growth of our Development Team, as well as our Staff Team. Community Events ...and it's only March! WHAT? Here's a few updates/notes on what is currently going on within the Network: BLACKWAKE Servers are online. Server 1 (54 Slot Server - Fleet (3 Ships) Server 2 (30 Slot Server - 1v1 Galleons (Big Ship) Server 3 (16 Slot Server - 1v1 Hoy (Small Ship) SQUAD Continued Growth in Squad Alpha 9 around the corner. CONAN EXILES Server 1 (PVP - Vanilla) Server 2 (PVP - 2x Rates) Server 3 (PVP 3x Rates) SaxON promoted to Conan Exiles Administrator (Congratulations!) Funcom Developer presence in Oceanic Gaming Discord RUST Development of Custom Plugins and Frameworks in C#. Clean Installation of Server and Clean Up of Plugins. Continuation of Growth (Player Base) MINECRAFT New Minecraft Network being planned. Work has commenced on the Hub World, with the Survival Server Spawn. Classic Survival Server in Development. Continued Growth of Minecraft Build and Development Team! In addition to the above, today, we've turned on our SECOND Dedicated Server! Yep, that's right, our second! With the growth and expansion into more games, we needed more power! Some services have started to migrate to the new server, lowering the hardware utilisation on the Primary Server. A huge shout out to Streamline Servers, for their continued support and above and beyond attitude! We believe that 2017 is going to be a year of continued growth throughout all games within the Oceanic Network. Thank you again, to all of our players who call Oceanic Gaming home, we love hosting you, and can't wait to see what unfolds onward in 2017! Oceanic Gaming Management
  14. Funcom_JEV dropped by for a chat!

    Hello, Tonight we had the privilege of having JEV from the Funcom Team, drop by our Discord for some AMA with our Conan Players. One of our Community V.I.P's Veronica, took notes of the AMA, and has compiled them into a Google Doc for anyone to view! Check the link out here! If you see Veronica in Discord, please go out of your way to thank her! ~Maverick