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    Hi guys, Cheers for the server; pretty new to it and it should be a good one. I don't miiiind server wipes (generally I hate them) but I hate levelling all over again even more. I don't think anyone who works/has a family/has time constraints likes starting from scratch for no real reason. So the ability to keep your character would be something I'd advocate for if that is indeed possible. I'm not sure what mods you guys have (if any), and I'm unaware of your stance on mods in general. You can have some that add to the game so long as they don't become overpowered. You can add thematic ones, stack size ones, etc and they don't over power the game. To be honest I've not even looked at the number of mods except one that I came across the other day. One I would suggest is the Primitive Tribal Mod on steam workshop. Basically it changes often rather drab underwear that the devs always add as an afterthought. The underwear in this case, obviously, is for those who prefer a more 'traditional/authentic' form of apparel rather than the often feeble attempt that is usually the case. The mod can be accessed through this link; I cannot check the steam link at work but it should be correct. Primitive Tribal Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=879726721 I've also attached some screenshots.