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  1. New Aussie Content

    Hi all New update Came out For Rising Storm 2 (Bushranger Content Update-1.05) Was wondering just what people think of the new update, only just started playing again my self and i find it very refreshing that Tripwire Interactive bring something new and different to the mix in this big FPS market. Well let us now your thoughts and thanks for stopping by.
  2. Hi people, New to the community and hope we can have some games and some laughs.

    I play on a Intel Core i7-6400kCPU @4.00Hz  
    Gigabyte z170x-Gaming 3   w/ Nvidia 1080 Gtx Gaming Video Card. 

    Have twitch https://www.twitch.tv/aj2homie but do not use very much.

    Play fair few FPS Games and MMOs as well as Civilization games,  But happy to give any thing a try