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  1. Trade area

    So whats the story of this trade area? What are the restrictions on using it? Can my clan build a big tower and store all our loot there and raid other bases not in the area? Seems like no communication and little thought has gone into this, I am sure some clans are already using this to store loot in. I personally dont like the idea. This is a PvP server and we already have a start zone where new players cant be raided. If we establish a zone for mature clans then we might as well turn the whole server into PvE. Wish there was more communication about this..
  2. We should ban these idiots on Conan

    I think we can do without these immature idiots here.... Apparently they seem to think you are a whinger if this offends you
  3. Unban Request - MEMESTAR9

    I vouch - Cardzz