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  1. On one hand i find nights annoying as they're a tad too dark and ambient light is far too weak (even the full moon barely illuminates anything). On the other, i think making it super short takes away from how good the game looks at night and how nice a properly lit base can look. If only the light radiuses were a tad higher.
  2. Any chance of upping the XP rate? I found the gather rate when i first started playing on the server (i think it was 3x?) meant that collecting materials was pretty much a mindless exercise- you'd collect so much that it felt like it took away from the building aspect of the game and as you say, people were making MASSIVE buildings because they could easily. I'd prefer to see gathering around the 2x mark so it's not painful like 1x, but up the xp rate to 3x or something. The levelling process is enjoyable to a degree, but with wipes and the like, people like me and im guessing others just cant spend the time grinding back up there again. I'd personally rather see the server wiped semi frequently (like every few months) but with an XP rate that helps you get back up there in levels and to the 'good stuff' again rather than the painfully slow process of getting back up there when you dont have bags of time.
  3. Ok fair enough. With the XP rate that it's at, im not sure i have it in me to start again.
  4. Im logging on and it's going to char creation. I'm too scared to make a char in case it wipes my old one...
  5. I personally prefer it off but i also see the value in it with keeping a server community thriving. I agree that it's usually more toxic than not but at the same time, when i'm on alone, it's sometimes nice to read it regardless, or chat, or ask questions. I haven't voted because i'm torn. My biggest issue with it being on isnt actually about toxicity, but how badly it can stop PVP. If someone kills another player, the killed person will almost certainly cry about it on global chat. It's then quite common for other tribes to step in (usually the alphas) and go kill the player who did the killing as it's an easy reason to. The reason why this sucks ass is it means you cant freely kill other players wthout suffering a server wide repercussion if that makes sense. I'm not advocating for people to be kill on sight as that can lead to a really shitty environment, but you rarely if ever see people fighting in these pvp survival games. I dont mean groups just picking on solo players they happen to find, but actively attacking bases of other known and active tribes. I just wish there was more of this, where bases were used for defences, or players tried to get in while others actively defended etc. It's just a shame this doesnt exist.
  6. Man i take it back - the problems have come back with a vengeance. I can connect to the server no problems, but no matter how many times ive reconnected i cant fix it so i'm not falling through the floor in my base, and resources arent disappearing once gathered. The two seem to go hand in hand. Prior to tonight it's been pretty good.
  7. Have there been any changes to the server out of interest? My connections to the server have been more reliable this past week or so - not so many failed connects, or the other connectivity bugs i've spoken about like harvested things not disappearing, logging in under the floor etc.
  8. Hi all, A question regarding server performance - how is it in your opinions? Yours too Frost! I ask due to the following: I havent been playing much lately because I find it not only really difficult to connect to the game, but performance once ingame is average at best. I also get phased by small things like animals just warping in place on the same spot - minor but it looks horrible across IMO. I thought it was the game itself but lately I've been doing some testing and i actually think it might be the server itself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not having at go at the server, but i really am wondering now whether it's performing quite badly. I've tested on other servers both local and international - the international server having 30+ players online and being a 250ish ms ping. In these instances, the animals were always roaming around as normal (like they do on this server after a reboot), and interestingly, i had no issues connecting. This last one is a biggy because on average to get into OceaningGaming, I need to reload the client at least 3 times. As an example of my usual connectivity song and dance: 1. I'll connect and it will crash after an immensely long load. 2. I'll restart the client and after a very long load - i'll see the MOTD long before the game loads in, then it's often a very long pause before it's playable. More often than not, i start the game here being mid-way through the floor, aka bugged. I've tried a bunch of things to fix this from changing my spawn location, to changing where i log out. To fix this i have to quit to the main menu and reconnect. 3. And finally - very commonly i have an issue where cutting down trees/mining rocks they dont disappear. I thought this was just a game bug but quitting to menu and loading back in also fixes it. I suspect that when it's loading in, it's taking so long that it's bugging the process. I thought this was just the game and it's really deterred me from playing, but i havent as of yet had these issues on any other servers, both official and unofficial. Anyone else experience any of the above? I appreciate that it's a non wiping server, but is there any element of decay system enabled? Im wondering if the server is just accumulating so many objects that it's really affecting it. The other thing i notice is there's a TON of creatures in the North (wolves, deer etc) which i cant say is more than other servers, but i've yet to see the warping on the spot on other servers. Any thoughts? Again - i dont mean to rat on the server here but wanted to raise it. Not sure if others are having similar. I dont think it's my system/vid card etc as i have a pretty decent system and a recent card and as i said dont have the issue with other servers. My single player performance is likewise pretty much perfect. Decado
  9. So chaps what can we expect when this update goes live later in the week? What changes as per this thread? What level of wipe if any?
  10. Hey thanks for doing this - i play on the server but to be honest every time i return i burn out. I'm not sure what the answer is but i'll give this particular feedback. I find myself just bogged down in mundane tasks. I'll log in then have to gather food and cook it and then metal and hides in order to repair the tools that are already damaged from the gathering of the food and hides. I'll then go collect more ore to make ingots to then repair those tools used to gather them. Add in bark to get the hides turned into leather and its a never ending treadmill of monotony. By the time ive completed these basic tasks, im using about ready to log off. On the rare occasion that i feel like playing more, i'll go down to the thrall camp near my base and clear it for xp, then usually the spiders closeby but 50% of the time i'll die to these as the stacking poison is ridiculously OP and far more dangerous than a charging rhino if you can believe that. But then my weapons will be in need of repair again, so i'll go back to base and repair them. Repeat infinity. It's just dull. I like the server, i like the people there on the few occasions ive had interactions. I have nothing but good things to say about the admin but the game just bores the crap out of me due to the above. I havent spoken about being constantly overweight with my inventory - although this was vastly improved with the recent patch that allowed basic movement. The XP slog is a grind but i think the thing that makes it almost unbearable to me is the constant need to be repairing equipment, dumping items from the inventory and so on. I think straight up you need to not only increase these by a small amount but a large amount. I agree they need to be maintained - armour included (which i didnt mention above) - but it happens so often its an absolute pain in the ass. There's like no difference between metal tools and stone tools either. Metal tools bring in much more resources, but holy crap they wear down just as fast. ARK by comparison has those metal tools wearing down much slower as they should. I have run around the game on my solo server with admin boosted run skills etc and cant believe how many places there are in the map i have barely seen, in some cases hadnt seen, and certainly have never played in. I've never had to contend with being raided by higher level tribes out in those areas because i never make it that far. If you know where my base is and watch me play, you'll note that i rarely leave a radius around it. I'd love to set out and try somewhere new but i just dont have the time and energy due to the constant slog of repairing shit! Keep up the good work with the server. I hope you can take something from the above and use it to encourage more people to play there. I may be alone in these complaints but i dont think i am. I also have issues with containers being broken in raids as that's just another bunch of chores to be redone, but this is a secondary issue to the constant item wear. I think the developers themselves need to fix this but you can likely assist with some setting changes. An XP boost would be appreciated also. Decado