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While we are mostly from Australia/New Zealand, we welcome like-minded, mature gamers from all around the world. 

Oceanic Gaming is home to Rusted World and Oceanic ARK!

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  1. Hi everyone if you check out the new announcements we now have one :)
  2. Yeah I have been playing a bit of it, everyone is loving it. Looking to make one for us :D
  3. Hey Killian, awesome to see you here and look forward to seeing you out there in the desert :D hit me up if you have any issues.
  4. I'm voting for as I got avatared at 4 in the morning haha. It's just peace of mind.
  5. My vote was for, but some cons to consider would be : it forces people to be on during certain times, how they have actually implemented the "no pvp", inappropriate times, unavoidable events would make offline raids anyways, more work for saxon as from experience people will complain and it becomes hard to police. It's like communism, good in theory a bit more difficult for practicality. - Mary