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  1. Unban Request - MEMESTAR9

    By the powers vested in me by Maverick and by the terms and conditions of the OGN Conan Exiles server - you are hearby removed from the black list.
  2. Unban Request - MEMESTAR9

    You have a lot of support on the server - get five (5) people from the server to sponsor you by getting them to send me direct messages on discord or to vouch for you here in this thread, stating their character names and that they will sponsor you to have your ban lifted. Should I be required to take admin action against you, once your ban is lifted, your sponsors will share in said admin action, whatever it may be.
  3. Proposal to reduce night time - Poll

    Poll is now closed! Thank you to everyone who voted In the past seven days the max player average was 32 players - 75% of that is 24 players and with only 18 people actually voting cracked 56% of the average player population. So as per the terms of the poll above perhaps 75% of the average population in favor is too high. In consultation with Maverick and the majority of voting personnel making up 66% in favor of the change I will go with majority rules.
  4. Proposed gather rate change - Poll

    Poll is now closed! Thank you to everyone who voted In the past seven days the max player average was 32 players - 75% of that is 24 players and with only 17 people actually voting cracked 53% of the average player population. So as per the terms of the poll above perhaps 75% of the average population in favor is too high. In consultation with Maverick and the majority of voting personnel making up 81% in favor of the change I will go with majority rules.
  5. Was the server wiped with the patch?!

    XP gather rate hasn't changed - gather rate was dropped from 2.0 to 1.9 to reduce the overpower that avatars have in the game.
  6. Proposed gather rate change - Poll

    Sorry - I had to outline that with a higher gather rate I would be looking at conducting server wipes more regularly. to keep the server clean and stable.
  7. Proposal to reduce night time - Poll

    It was 40 days ago! light a torch! https://oceanicgaming.com.au/forums/topic/1883-shorten-night-time-poll/ Again 75% of the average max players for the past 7 days need to vote in favor of a change!
  8. Proposed gather rate change - Poll

    Adjustments were made to the server in preparation for the latest patch. However the request has been made to up the gather rate to up to as high as 5 x. We have covered off on xp and gather rates in the past - here is the history of the server settings back in July: https://oceanicgaming.com.au/forums/topic/1703-proposed-change-to-ogn-conan-exiles-server-settings-22-jul-17/ From those settings the server sat pretty in the top 20 for three months, with players constructing massive monstrosity bases, engaging in plenty of PVP and multiple exchanges of tears were shed. SO in the spirit of having a server for the players, provided by donations from the players, here is a poll, please choose wisely. As with all polls a majority 75% of average max server population for the past 7 days needs to vote in favor of the change - polls will be open for 7 days.
  9. New Rule

    Poll closed, result - the motion did not carry, bot by vote and by lack of numbers. Thank you to everyone that voted - for both sides of the argument. Please encourage others either in your clan or on the server to connect to discord and join our forums so that they can have their say and become a part of the server community.
  10. OGN Global Chat

    Due to the majority vote - and the server being freshly wiped I see no reason to wait until midnight tonight to see that people want global chat back. So I have turned global chat back on - thank you to everyone who voted, on both sides of the argument. May Yog have mercy on us all...
  11. OGN Global Chat

    Global chat has been directly linked to 75% of the issues on the server. On Sunday 12 Nov I turned global chat off, But should OGN turn it back on? There are many reasons for both sides but I have been the server admin for 8 months now, and in almost every complaint I get involves global chat being used to taunt, abuse another player or just generally as a means to vent ones own frustrations to the entire server. I see global chat as more of a avenue for players to vent their frustrations to the offending players, but via a means that the entire server sees the conversation, players reputations are made or broken in global chat, and this is where the player interaction breaks down. Why go out when you can abuse or accuse another player in the public forum from the safety of your own base? Many survival games have removed global chat, for various reasons - DayZ comes to mind, I clocked up 349 hours, but that was 349 hours of crawling on the ground in one of the most unforgiving and brutal games in memory. Add to that a hacking, glitching, and toxic community, and it became not fun at all. Then Rocket removed global chat... and while the hacking remained, the toxicity lessened. Here are a few posts from about global chat and how it affects the survival game experience - I had issues finding one talking about the benefits, but I am sure they are out there: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/523890046875331699/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ConanExiles/comments/6xascq/discussion_disable_global_chat_on_pvp_servers_to/ How many people played WOW back in the day, and immediately switched off the global chat channels? Just saying - I will leave this poll open for 48 hours (til Midnight 16 Nov) what ever the result is I will follow.
  12. New Rule

    I think what is being suggested zzzing is that being chain raided is no fun, and only serves to create an environment which causes players to give up. At this point in time I am sure most clans and players have experienced both sides of that argument. I would also like to point out that I know many of you are using glitches such as the grease orb stacking and refresh glitch, which Funcom have indicated is not working as intended, so let us move on - the member who broke the original (I say player because he was alone - the clan was not involved) has served his punishment. The fact that Funcom has allowed player attacks to go through walls since the game was released or that attacks hit multiple targets is either something they want (I hope not) or they have not gotten around to fixing it. I also noted that you didn't vote - I encourage you all to vote and have your say.
  13. Server performance

    We tried a few different things - but nothing significant. In future we will be trying a few new things but we are waiting to see what funcom is going to do and if they can release a patch without significant issues.
  14. New Rule

    Please note - OGN is looking to REDUCE the number of server rules, However without our players we would not have a server so I am all for community input, I have set this poll and thread to be open for 7 days - poll and thread to close on Tuesday 13 Nov final results are not definitive unless a sufficient number of the community vote one way or the other and if we as admins can identify an effective way to implement it and police it. By sufficient number what I mean is 75% of the average peak players over the past six days from the start of this poll. so as of this post average max players is 24 (rounded up) - 75% of that is 18. With 92 different players connecting to the server on the 07 November (at the time of this post) this should not be a problem... also a good time to mention the 1,952 unique characters that have been created on the server since 16 Aug)
  15. Server performance

    After the server database was wiped several of the issues noted above were still happening. Beds not working correctly first time - worked out that if you end up in the desert when you know you are bound to a bed, just remove your bracelet to spawn there correctly Animals and NPCs teleporting/vanishing/doing weird things again. items in inventories not appearing when being crafted ... sure there are more - guys if you noticed any ongoing issues please post them here