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    Good afternoon, you galloping love fruit-bats. Here we are again, back with another newsletter! We've finalized our roadmap and development milestones for the final stretch of the Early Access process, meaning we're now barreling towards the endgame. On said roadmap are things like the combat revamp, additional items, content revamp and a host of other goodies we'll share on stream and in these newsletter in the coming months. The volcano and jungle will become available at launch, whereas the new combat paradigm will definitely roll out on PC before May 8th. Project Content Rebalance will hopefully make it to PC players pre-launch, but may be moved back depending on when the work is finished. Gold Build and submission processFollowing up on what we mentioned last week, we have now moved into a crunch period to get everything ready and finalized for physical discs, aka "The Gold Build". This is the build what will be on the discs you buy in a store. It's a fully functional game that players can pick up and play without the need for an Internet connection. We can't assume that people will patch, since not everyone has Internet access 24/7, so this build needs to be stable and contain everything players expect. From a bug-fixing perspective it means prioritizing serious bugs that block player progress The submission and certification process runs through January and February and the Gold Build needs to be locked in and ready for print about 6-8 weeks before full launch. The reason for this is that printing physical discs happens in one location, while packaging the physical editions takes place in a different location. Only certain printing houses are authorized to print console discs, so we have to work around their capacity and lead time requirements. On PC things are more relaxed. There's more flexibility in terms of where the discs are printed. Once the Gold Build is approved the devteam will switch focus to the day 1 patch for PC and consoles. The day 1 patch will include less critical fixes as well as some content changes which did not make it into the Gold Build. If you're interested in reading more about Day 1 Patches there's a great blog post from Rami Ismail on the topic over on Kotaku. Early Access players on PC will continue to see some patches and updates, albeit somewhat less frequently. For Xbox players it means there won't be an Update 32 Parity Patch until March at the earliest. Once the submission and certification process begins Microsoft doesn't allow us to add anything to the current Game Preview version of the game. We apologize for not being able to release this patch sooner, and thank you for your patience. What the teams have been working on in the past week:Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant. Berserkers Hey, would you look at that! Two-handed swords! These are scheduled to come out at launch, and players can craft them out of Stone, Iron, Steel, Hardened Steel and Starmetal. Much like the hammers, they're big and heavy, taking a long time to swing, but also deal a lot of damage once they connect to an opponent. Secondly, sprinting with weapons and tools is back! This was removed a while back, partly in order to deal with lag jousting, where players would use server latency to win combat encounters. The other reason was to highlight the difference between being in and out of combat. Sprinting away from an encounter is the defining factor that differentiates being in, or out, of combat. However, after both taking your feedback into account and seeing that lag jousting is essentially eliminated with the new combat paradigm, we're making it so you can sprint with weapons and tools again. We fired off a second combat playtest on Friday, with a ton of changes and updates from the previous test (like sprinting with weapons!). There's still experimentation going on in terms of stamina management, health regeneration and damage numbers, but we're steadily moving towards a version that we think will be balanced and fun, and once we are at that stage we will deploy to Testlive servers to hear your feedback and suggestions! VanguardVanguard's main task at the moment is getting builds ready for certification, making sure they meet all the necessary requirements set by Microsoft and Sony. Pretty much everything from stability, branding, GUI consistency and responsiveness have certain requirements that we need to hit. This is to ensure that the experience on Xbox and PlayStation is more consistent across all games than on PC, where it's more up to each individual developer. In addition to this one of our Vanguard designers has finished up work on the new perk system, which will add improvements and modifiers to your character based on how you've levelled up your Attributes. Examples include things like a double jump skill, better stamina consumption, quicker healing, and now, a ricochet shot, for all you Hanzo mains out there. They've also shown the system for dying and respawning some needed love in order to improve the experience for players. Player corpses should now reload better after a server crash, which had some inconsistencies in the past. Death Markers should also be less prone to breaking. NPC and player corpses now have different expiry times, and they've added a neat little glowing green light that emanates from your character's bracelet when they die. Last, but certainly not least, is a quick loot GUI to help you take things from players and NPCs much quicker than before. TerraformersThe Terraformers have been wrapping up the final bits of content they need to get wrapped up for the Gold Build. We've talked extensively about the volcano and jungle already, so we'll leave those out for a bit this time and talk about some other stuff! Project Content Rebalance has been going well so far and we got to experience a sample of the changes during the Friday combat playtest. This rebalance involves tweaking the NPC population and resource nodes in order to provide a more diverse and challenging experience to players. Being used to the previous "shotgun approach" to NPCs and resources the game definitely felt different, but in a positive way. Creatures and NPCs were sparser, which made meeting other humans feel more special, like the Exiled Lands really were a place only the strongest can survive. In terms of new content there's a lot in the pipeline that's coming in for launch. We've mentioned skinning daggers before, and there are 5-6 of them of different materials, planned for the Gold Build. New bows, swords, axes, maces, spears, armors, arrows, resources, crafting materials, deities, trophies, and some secret things are all scheduled to come out in the final, launch build of the game. Wrapping upWe're back on the bi-weekly stream train over on our Twitch channel[www.twitch.tv]. If you missed it on Friday, you can find the VOD of our latest stream on YouTube. Friday's stream was very silly, and a little chaotic at times, but we definitely had fun with it. We plan to do more community focused streams in the future, spotlighting mods, doing a cool building project, Q&A's and more. And that should be it for this week! Thank you so very much for reading, for continuing to support Conan Exiles and being a part of this amazing community. Sincerely, FuncomView the full article
  2. Community Update 168

    [rust.facepunch.com] War reports, diaries, art, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com] View the full article
  3. Calling All Devs

    Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU. This episode, questions about aUEC, hotfixes, Freelancers and how ships spawn are addressed. You can submit your questions for consideration in future episodes of Calling All Devs here. Submission and voting is open to all backers. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  4. This Week in Star Citizen

    Greetings Citizens Welcome to the week where we’ll update our current website to a fresh look fit for the year 2948! We can’t wait to share with you the updated design that the brilliant folks from Turbulent came up with. Not only stellar but truly interstellar work! We still have a couple of Mousepads from the Verse’s prime authority on gear, Whitley’s Guide, available for pickup. Boasting a slick design and extra wide measurements for the comfiest gaming experience in the ‘verse, those beauties are only a mouse click away. I also want to thank everyone for heading to Spectrum last week and sharing their feedback on the new shows from Reverse the Verse, to Calling all Devs, and the latest installment of Ship Shape! Much appreciated and always helpful to come up with future content that is interesting to you! With that, let’s see what’s going on this week: Monday: If there’s something strange in your neighborhood – Who you gonna call? ALL DEVS! No, seriously, if a big marshmallow guy is walking around your block, you better call someone else, but if you want your weekly Star Citizen questions answered: our new Q&A show is the one to watch! Tomorrow, the Lore Team will publish their weekly lore post, with exciting new content shaping the background and history of the Star Citizen universe. Wednesday will give everyone a bit of a breather with Bugsmashers/Lorekmaker’s taking a short break. A new episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy will air on February 6th. On Thursday, Around the Verse returns with the latest updates from the Development team. This week’s episode will focus on Squadron 42 and highlight a crowd favorite from the holiday live stream: The Coil! Wrapping up the week on Friday will be host Jared Huckaby, in a Squadron 42 centric episode of Reverse the Verse. Prepare your Squadron 42 questions and tune in live as his special guest will be Ron Burg…CHRIS ROBERTS himself. January 26th, 12PM PST/8PM UTC! Mark it in your mobiGlas! With that, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse! Ulf Kuerschner I ain’t afraid of no ghost The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, JANUARY 22ND, 2018 Calling All Devs (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) TUESDAY, JANUARY 23RD, 2018 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24TH, 2018 - THURSDAY, JANUARY 25TH, 2018 Around the Verse – Squadron 42 (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) Vault Update FRIDAY, JANUARY 26TH, 2018 Reverse the Verse LIVE w/ Chris Roberts (https://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen) Schedule Update RSI Newsletter Community Spotlight: January 22nd, 2018 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! Kruger Intergalactic P72 Archimedes Commercial by Alex S189 Alex S189 created this unofficial commercial for Kruger Intergalactic’s P-72 Archimedes. Alan Watt’s ‘What do you desire’ as a voiceover fits the dramatic character of the commercial perfectly! Check out the video on our community hub. Retaliator Cinematic by Frustmaster Highlighting the ship of the month, the Aegis Retaliator, Frustmaster raises his cinematic skills to the next level. Watch the video to see why this is one of the UEE’s most powerful warbirds. View the full article
  5. Stack-Up Air Assault with Squad!

    Hey Squaddies! We know Stack-Up.org needs no introduction among Squaddies -- you all absolutely crushed it during Veterans Day -- but did you know about their Air Assaults program? What could be more awesome than Air Assaults? The opportunity to be part of one, of course! Stack-Up and Squad are back together to bring two veterans from our amazing community into the game. Like, really, really into the game. We're honored to be able to offer the opportunity for two lucky folks to join us for a motion capture session. Stack-Up is going to transport a couple of lucky veterans out to Vancouver this March for the full Tron treatment. If you remember our last motion capture session, you know there's no better place than Animatrik and we're pleased to be going back. How can you get involved? Our amazing partners, who have made our work with Stack-Up such a success, will be providing the application until February 4thduring their streams, directly to the community that makes it all possible. You can find them here: Want in? Tune in! HAYNICK31 will be broadcasting the FEAR v FULL+PROG ISKT match on 1/21/2018 @ 9:30 AM PT JohnnyOmaha presents the Weekly Modding Roundup on 1/20/2018 @ 11:30 AM PT and NAS 1/21/2018 @ 5:00 PM PT. Karmakut will be broadcasting on his new stream schedule. DesmoLocke will be performing DesmoLockely. Aww yeah. So, what do you say? Want to really get into Squad? Prove it! Tune in, sign up, and sound off at us @JoinSquad. Don't forget to get your passport ready! (Whoa! Did you read all that on the forums? As a special reward, the link is bit dot ly/FastRope Please note that the Air Assault is only open to military veterans residing in the USA or Canada. A valid passport may be required! All entries must be completed by 2/4/2018. Offworld Out. View the full article
  6. Developer stream

    Live Broadcast: We’re returning to our biweekly dev streams on Twitch (that’s the every two weeks definition of biweekly) on Friday, January 19th. It’s going to be a similar thing to the stream we did before the holiday break, where we play the game to have fun and chill out. Nicole and Jens Erik will be teaching Andy, who’s community manager for Secret World Legends, to play Conan Exiles. Hope you’ll be able to join us for some laughs and good times on our Twitch channel. twitch.tv/funcom. View the full article
  7. Devblog 194

    [rust.facepunch.com] First look at a new monument, improved cheat reporting, optimizations, a new Hazmat Suit, and more. View Post[rust.facepunch.com] Changes Added third person aim down sight sounds Added third person grenade sounds Added third person bandage sounds New binocular sounds New flashlight sounds Admins can get combat log of other players Admins get warnings when anti hack is disabled Added new Hazmat suit Water jug admire animation updated Salvaged hammer admire animation updated Water bucket admire animation updated Wooden spear admire animation updated Stone spear admire animation updated Flamethrower admire animation updated Satchel charge admire animation updated C4 admire animation updated Bow admire animation updated Optimized workshop skin download processing Optimized game object memory usage Optimized skin icon memory usage Optimized skin icon loading EAC SDK update Combat log no longer takes count parameter (uses combatlogsize value instead) Increased junk pile respawn time from 20 to 30 minutes Eliminated GC from voice recorder Jack O Lantern can be picked up Jack O Lantern only accepts wood Small Furnace now emits heat Can rotate tool cupboard after placement with hammer Added Building Blocked zone around Helicopter crash site Must wait 30 seconds to repair a structure after it was damaged Hazmat suit now reserachable and craftable Fixed an exploit near Military Tunnels entrance allowing players to go out of bounds Fixed an exploit inside the Military Tunnels allowing players to build in unintended areas Fixed maximum anisotropic filtering not being set correctly for certain textures Fixed community UI exception Fixed weapon holster exception Fixed HTTP image exception Fixed various Unity exceptions Fixed network stream exception Fixed skin loading exception Fixed planner exception Fixed bloom exception Fixed exception in voice recorder Fixed terrain hole at launch site on Hapis Fixed shelves been placed on Roads Fixed Jack O Lantern can no longer be placed through walls Fixed Vending machine not been destroyed if construction no longer exists Fixed chairs been placed inside trees and clutter (Exploit fix) Fixed not being able to rotate workbenches when deploying Fixed AutoTurrets not losing any health upon pickup Dropbox can no longer be placed under water Fixed Small Refinery not generating charcoal Fixed arrowheads not showing up in outlines Fixed explosive bullet damage being too high Retired viewmodel layer (unused) View the full article
  8. Around the Verse

    Chris Roberts is joined by Sean Tracy in this week’s episode, featuring 2018’s first installment of Ship Shape. Find out where ship ideas come from, meet the teams responsible for designing and developing them, and gear up for some high-speed thrills with the MISC Razor. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  9. Introducing RLCS Season 5

    Just two short months ago, we watched from the edge of our seats as Gale Force Esports won the Rocket League World Championship live from Washington DC. Unforgettable moments like those are what we love about the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), and we're back to bring you more with Season 5! WHAT’S IN STORE FOR SEASON 5 At Psyonix, we are always looking at the entire Rocket League Esports ecosystem and what is best for our players, fans and community. We're pleased to announce that for the first time, the RLCS format will remain unchanged from the previous season[www.rocketleague.com]! That means more of the same great format in both the RLCS and the Rival Series, but much higher stakes… This season we are once again upping the ante with the largest prize pool in the history of Rocket League Esports! Teams from NA, EU and OCE will have a chance to compete for a $500,000 USD total prize pool for RLCS and a $50,000 USD prize pool for the Rival Series! QUALIFIERS AND IMPORTANT DATES For the aspiring Rocketeers out there there will be four online qualifiers in NA and EU, each, for a chance to gain entry into the Rival Series. Teams will be able to compete in up to two of the four Qualifiers, with the top 128 teams earning a spot in the Rival Series Play-in. From there, the eligible teams will compete for the remaining spots in either the North American or European Rival Series for Season 5. If you’re interested in making a run at the Rival Series, be sure to grab two friends and get ready to sign up on January 23rd! For OCE contenders, additional details on qualifiers and schedule will be announced soon. For all the info on important dates for the season, check out the breakdown below! Sign-ups January 23 - February 14 North American Qualifiers February 17 February 24 February 27 March 3 European Qualifiers February 18 February 24 February 28 March 4 Rival Series Play-in North America - March 10 Europe - March 11 RLCS League Play Begins North America - March 17 Europe - March 18 The Rocket League Championship Series and Rival Series are open to all legal residents of Europe and North America who are 15 years of age or older on the Tournament start date (February 17, 2018). GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN. As always we’ll have more information as Season 5 commences, including the World Championship location and dates. Be sure to follow @RLEsports on Twitter for any updates regarding the RLCS or Rival Series. With 2017 taking the title for the biggest year in Rocket League Esports and the RLCS, we're excited to get things started in 2018! See you on the pitch this February! View the full article
  10. Bugsmashers!

    Mark Abent is back, smashing bugs and taking names in a new season of Bugsmashers! In this episode, he shows us what goes into creating the framework that will allow multiple ships to spawn in-game with little-to-no lag. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  11. Community Spotlight: In the Year to Come

    It’s an all-new year and the ideal time to start working towards achieving your Rocket League New Year's resolutions! In our first Community Spotlight of 2018, we’re looking at the abilities that sparked improvement in the community, and which of those mechanics will help build the best of the best in Competitive Seasons to come. Whether you’re studying the latest tutorials or spending late nights in Custom Training, this blog will provide you with the blueprint you need to make 2018 a Calculated year! Custom TrainingApproach the ball with confidence, while flying through the air for a flip-reset shot and dash across the field with less boost while rotating into position. With Custom Training available at all times, scenarios like that are possible as the skill ceiling in Rocket League continues to rise every day. Listed below is another round of Training packs that are built to hone core abilities while focusing on newer skills like the aforementioned flip-reset shot and more. Prepare to challenge yourself and elevate your potential! # Author Name Difficulty Code 1 Poquito Aerial Shots - Redirects Diamond 8D93-C997-0ACD-8416 2 Just Boban Just Boban's pack#1 Diamond 7A7A-D3AE-211B-8C1E 3 Diegosatrmo02 Shots you should be scoring Grand Champion 248B-11B0-EDF7-EDCF 4 Bxian_OD SUPER DEFENSE Diamond BE46-B385-876F-6CBA 5 Poquito Wall Shots Platinum 9F6D-4387-4C57-2E4B 6 waypr0tein Ceiling Shots Champion AFC9-2CCC-95EC-D9D4 7 YeeZa Wave Dash Shots Platinum F9EF-2D99-BA51-9E8A 8 Wrecked |WHIFF| Air Drag/Ceiling Shots Champion 25BF-ABB0-22C1-8099 9 YeeZa Ball Flip Reset Shots Diamond B5AC-17E0-4133-B8A4 Need more Custom Training options? Head on over to last year’s final Community Spotlight[www.rocketleague.com] and begin 2018 with a strong practice routine. New MechanicsIt’s almost hard to believe, but even after two and a half years our community is still unearthing new Battle-Car mechanics. At first, players learned how to pinch the ball, but that wasn’t enough. After pinching came half flips, then jump resets, various flicks[redd.it], and then ceiling shots, but all of these advances leave us with a single question: What’s next? For many of you, wavedashing is still an advanced technique while successfully executing a ceiling shot mid-game is nearly unheard-of. That isn’t stopping players like JSTN[clips.twitch.tv], Lachinio, Squishy Muffinz, and UsedWolf[gfycat.com] from elevating the wave-dashing mechanic to another level, though! If you find yourself low on boost or racing across the the field, try practicing these cutting-edge multidashing methods and in time you’ll have one more trick over your opponents in both offensive and defensive situations. It’s still too early to say how far multidashing will take the Rocket League community, but we’re excited to see what players will come up with in the future! Who will be the next one to discover a new in-game mechanic? Keep practicing and maybe the next Community Spotlight will feature you! View the full article
  12. Weekly community newsletter – Countdown to submission

    Welcome back you chthonian fleshpools! Hope your weekend was delightful and that the new year has been treating you well so far. It's time for another community newsletter and this week we have some stuff that we think you might like! As you may already know, we're launching Conan Exiles for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 8th. This means we're now at the point where we need to start working on the build that will be put on the discs you can buy at your local video game store. The build needs to be ready at the end of January so the testing and certification process can begin. In practice, that won't have a massive impact on players, but for us it might mean some extra overtime and work. Nothing we can't handle, though. State of PCWe rolled out a PC patch today to take care of some bugs and crashes. This fixes the loot bag freeze and corrects some additional issues that have been requested by the community. The temperature system has been made more stable with this patch, and fall damage has been reduced. State of XboxWe rolled out a bug and crash fixing update for Xbox on Monday. It gave us a tiny scare when it looked like none of the servers were working, but thanks to some quick work by G-Portal we were able to speedily take care of everything. This was not the parity patch that would bring Update 32 to Xbox One. It will be released at a later date. What the teams have been working on in the past week:Every Friday, the development team meets up to highlight and talk about what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. To not make this newsletter overly long we're only sticking to the highlights. Even if something isn't explicitly mentioned things are still being worked on "behind the scenes", and we'll mention these when they're relevant. BerserkersWe did a studio wide playtest of the new combat system on Friday. Everyone on the Conan Exiles team were pitted against each other underneath the scorching sun of the Exiled Lands. The goal of the playtest was to, obviously, test how the new paradigm behaves and how we, as players, respond to it. Overall the test went really well. The Berserkers team gathered a lot of feedback on how it all felt to play and lingering bugs that need to be fixed. We're doing another playtest this week as well. Come mid-February we hope to have a version ready for Testlive, so all of you can dig in. What we can tell you are a few details on how it all works. Much like before, combat is divided into light and heavy attacks that can be freely strung together into combos. Attacks consume stamina, forcing you to not just rush in and blindly start hitting the attack buttons when encountering an enemy. You can also block oncoming attacks to stagger enemies, setting them up for a counter attack. So far so similar to the old system. The new combat system adds in status effects, an improved system for staggering, more animations and more varied attacks. Status effects include things like bleeding, crippling, sundering, knockdown launchers, shield smashing and staggers. How these come into play will be revealed at a later date. There's also been done more work to differentiate the weapons and make them feel unique when you attack. Instead of just swinging or stabbing, each weapon type has specific attacks and animations that make them feel distinct. Daggers are quick, best used to strike and then dodge away. Hammers are heavy and take time to swing, but you can sometimes gain stagger immunity during attacks. Hammers can also launch people up into the air if you hit them right. Which is just awesome! TerraformersThis week, we're giving you both a peek at the entrance to the new Volcano dungeon and a look at a part of the jungle biome. You'll have to wait a little while longer before you'll be able to explore these place to your heart's content, but we can promise you it will be worth the wait. As you reach the volcano you'll need to make your way into the center of the crater, where you'll find the entrance to the dungeon. It looks like an ancient temple, a remnant from a bygone age, where an unknown people would conduct rituals of a strange and dark nature. This is what will greet you when you enter the temple. Now the temple is not the dungeon proper, it merely houses the entryway to the dungeon. How you enter it is up for you to discover. The jungle also contains the ruins of an ancient civilization, a people who were destroyed in a great Cataclysm long ago. You'll find their remains scattered throughout this area. This giant stone face depicts the Witch Queen, a woman of great magical power who ruled with an iron fist. Now these ruins are all that remain of her reign. This particular place connects the jungle to the icy north through an underground travel, allowing quick passage between the two areas for travelers. VanguardAs always, Vanguard is all about the bug and exploit fixing. Since this would be the place for it, we figured it'd be interesting to give a quick explanation of our bug fixing process. As the developers or the community discover bugs, glitches and possible exploits we'll write up a report with a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the case in question. If our QA guys are able to consistently replicate the bug it's assigned a severity and given to a coder or designer for fixing. Usually we need to rejigger a blueprint in the Unreal Editor, or we might dig into the game code in order to fix the bug. The fix is then tested by QA to make sure the bug has actually been fixed. In addition to fixing bugs we're working on a new HUD (Heads Up Display) to better convey information to players. We want to tweak the HUD to make it work better with the more action-packed combat system so you can see your health, stamina and other stats at a glance. Once we have something to show you, we'll let you sneak a peek at what it looks like. ArtOver on the Art team our character artists have been hard at work with re-making King Conan's Royal Armor from Age of Conan, which you will get to see very soon. This is an in-game item that will be given to everyone who buys the Early Access or Game Preview version of Conan Exiles. There will be a variant for female characters as well, naturally. Improvements are being made on character models across the board. Everything from skin and facial textures to eyebrows and hair are being updated to optimize them further and take care of whatever issues and bugs might still linger. There's also work being done to expand the make-up options during character creation. Finally, intrepid players might have noticed that we still have two more gods left in the religion selector. Our creature artist is working on two more god avatars, which we'll reveal in a future community update, so you can start speculating now on who it will be. Wrapping upWe're returning to our biweekly dev streams on Twitch (that's the every two weeks definition of biweekly) on Friday, January 19th. It's going to be a similar thing to the stream we did before the holiday break, where we play the game to have fun and chill out. Nicole and Jens Erik will be teaching Andy, who's community manager for Secret World Legends, to play Conan Exiles. Hope you'll be able to join us for some laughs and good times on our Twitch channel. twitch.tv/funcom. We'll see you next week for another newsletter! Sincerely, FuncomView the full article
  13. Hotfix (17.01.2018)

    Hey all! A quick hotfix to fix and adjust some things. The community letter will be out later today so keep an eye on that for info on what's to come. :) Have a good Wednesday! Patch Notes NPC bodies will despawn faster. Fixed an issue where using the torch would make the area around you too bright to other players. Fall damage has been reduced. Removed winter loading screen and changed it back to the default Temperature system improvement: Fixed a bug where character temperature changes would be permanently modified when weather changes occur in game. This could lead to heatstroke in cold areas or frostbite in warm areas when trying to counteract the temperature system Fixed a bug where changing the filter on a loot bag/container, and removing items would freeze the game at the last item. View the full article
  14. Empire Report: Stranded in Vanduul Space

    BECK: Welcome to Empire Report and thanks for joining us. I’m Beck Russum. ALAN: And I’m Alan Nuevo. We begin today’s show by turning our attention to the Vanduul front. While the public is often regaled with stories about high level accomplishments, the incredible, personal stories of the starmen tasked with protecting the Empire are often overlooked. BECK: Victoria Hutchins is in the Killian System to bring us one such story detailing the incredible journey home for a UEE Navy combat pilot. VICTORIA: This massive hangar on Osha may not look like much, but for members of the military and their immediate family there’s no sweeter spot in the UEE. It’s here that one day each week, starmen step off transports, having completed their tour of duty in some of the most dangerous corners of the universe, to be reunited with their family. While these homecomings are typically filled with excited loved ones holding handmade signs, gracious government officials and even a military band, last night’s return of Lieutenant Commander Liam Nealey was a much different affair. The usual pageantry was put on hold, as a support ship that normally carries supplies pulled into this hangar with Lt. Commander Nealey aboard. Only his wife, Anaya, daughter, Gabija, and a few high-ranking military officials were present. This emotional homecoming was arranged specifically for the pilot, who only days earlier had survived the unimaginable — being trapped alone in Vanduul space. Empire Report was granted an exclusive interview so that he could share his harrowing story. LIAM NEALEY: Thanks for having me. To be completely honest, at one point I never thought I’d ever make it back here. VICTORIA: Lt. Commander Liam Nealey’s incredible journey home might have ended safely in this hangar, but it began on the Vanduul front. A decorated fighter with hundreds of missions and dozens of confirmed kills under his belt, he knew an enemy encounter was possible when he launched from UEES Ammit. LIAM NEALEY: We’d been tasked with doing a recon sweep. Military Intelligence wanted updates to their maps and the system was supposed to be uninhabited. Well, it wasn’t. Turns out a small Clan had taken up residence and was chewing up resources. We ran into them as we were exiting the jump. I’ve tussled with ’duul before, but something was different that day. They just had our number. Everywhere I turned, they met me and just hammered my shields. Outgunned, our flight didn’t stand a chance. I knew I wouldn’t last long once my shields were down, so I threw everything I had at ’em. There was one countermeasure left when my shields phased out. That’s when I looped around and pointed my nose just below the wreckage of this Driller we’d somehow managed to knock out. I really didn’t think about what I was doing. It was all adrenaline and instinct. Thankfully, I timed it right. I juked left, dropped that last chaff and hit eject, hoping they’d lose me in the lightshow. Didn’t even look back to see my ship actually crash, just kept moving until I got inside that destroyed Vanduul ship. VICTORIA: Unsure if he’d appear on Vanduul scans, Lt. Commander Nealey avoided sending a distress call right away. Instead, he relied on tactics learned during Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training to stay alive. He kept moving, and most importantly, tried to control his breathing. LIAM NEALEY: It’s much harder to do when you’re moving through a blasted Vanduul cap ship. Can’t tell you how many corners I turned to come face-to-face with a dead ’duul. Never been so close to one before and hopefully never will again. I’ll tell you, I don’t know how the Marines do it. VICTORIA: When Lt. Commander Nealey felt confident he wasn’t being tracked, he shifted focus to the next step, getting rescued. LIAM NEALEY: I sent out a distress call, but no one responded. That meant that everyone was either too preoccupied saving their own hide or gone. Only way to know for sure was to look. VICTORIA: Nealey risked venturing back out into open space. What he saw confirmed his worst fears. LIAM NEALEY: There was wreckage everywhere, but that was it. The battle was over and I was alone. This wave of panic washed over me. That was the moment I never thought I’d see my family again. The Ammit was an entire system away and there was no way to let them know what happened. It’d be hours before my squad was officially deemed overdue and a rescue party organized. Thankfully, my training took over. Some quick math proved what I already suspected. My suit didn’t have enough oxygen to survive until the search party reached the system. VICTORIA: Lt. Commander Nealey found himself in a catch-22. He needed oxygen to survive, but the exertion of searching only used more of it. Slowly, he EVAed through the debris looking for any O2 that had survived the destruction. LIAM NEALEY: Wreckage of ships blown to bits kinda looks the same too. Sometimes I’d waste precious time EVAing to a debris field only to discover it’s a Vanduul ship. VICTORIA: Nealey didn’t have much luck finding O2 floating amidst the wreckage, forcing the task to take a macabre turn. LIAM NEALEY: The one place I knew I could find O2 was … well, attached to other flight suits. Finding fallen starmen became my priority. It was hard to inspect the remains of pilots I’d trained and grown close to. I logged their name, ranks and exact location. That way, if I survived, I could ensure they made it home too. VICTORIA: As Lt. Commander Nealey systematically searched the debris field, his oxygen supply slowly ticked away. The little O2 he found added precious minutes to his life but he was still running out of time. LIAM NEALEY: I thought about stopping my search to focus on conserving O2, but it still wouldn’t last until a rescue party mobilized. I was growing desperate and drew more and more deep breaths to stay calm. That’s when I saw this Gladius in pretty good shape floating in the distance. The hull was riddled with plasma fire but from what I could tell, the cockpit seemed mostly intact. I took a risk and EVAed further out than was probably smart. As I approached, I noticed the canopy was open but the cockpit and console were in one piece. VICTORIA: Nealey climbed in the cockpit and closed the canopy. Knowing his life was on the line, he took a moment and then began to activate the life support systems. LIAM NEALEY: My heart almost exploded out of my chest when it sprung life. Don’t know what I would’ve done if it hadn’t fired up. VICTORIA: Miraculously, it did. The life support system cycled O2 into his suit. LIAM NEALEY: Everything hit me at once in that moment. The realization that I might survive just about overwhelmed me. Don’t know what I did to get so lucky. VICTORIA: Lt. Commander Nealey stayed in the cockpit, patiently waiting until he knew a rescue party would be dispatched. He factored in the time it’d take them to launch, travel to the jump point and traverse it. He feared that sending a distress signal too soon would attract the Vanduul, who are known to return to battle sites to scavenge resources. LIAM NEALEY: Thankfully, I timed it right. They weren’t in the system long before I sent my first distress call. Seeing that rescue party drop outta quantum in front of me was one of the best moments of my life. It meant that I was going to make it home. VICTORIA: And home is exactly where Lt. Commander Nealey is right now. After being rescued, he helped locate the bodies of starmen found during his search. His valor earned praise from High Command, who granted him a temporary leave to rest and recuperate with his family. As for his future, Naval officials have offered him a teaching position at the academy, and though he claims to have not made an official decision, when asked about his plans, Nealey’s eyes sprang to life. LIAM NEALEY: Well, what I can say, right now, is that our mission against the Vanduul isn’t over, and I’m obviously not one to give up. VICTORIA: I’m Victoria Hutchins reporting from Osha. Back to you, Alan and Beck. BECK: Thanks, Victoria. ALAM: What an incredible story. BECK: Absolutely. On behalf of a grateful Empire, thank you for your bravery, Lt. Commander Nealey. ALAN: We need to take a quick break. Coming up, we’ll head to the Ellis System with sports reporter Colt Legrande to get the lowdown on a few new rules and regulations for this year’s Murray Cup. That and more when Empire Report returns. View the full article
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