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TestLive Patch Notes (16.05.2018)

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This is version 96266/17834. Please be sure you update your build and that you have the same number!

Quality of Life improvements
  • As an admin you can now explicitly whitelist players by SteamID
  • Player names now show up further away
  • Players who go AFK will now be kicked from the server. Added two server settings, one for how full the server should be and one for how long until kick if idle and server is full
  • Auto-target should now prioritize enemies over clan mates
  • Added PvE-Conflict mode to the server type selection screen
  • Changed default tethering distance for PC

  • Thrall follower will no longer return to original position if player disconnects while thrall is set to follow. Instead, the thrall will hold its position
  • Fixed a problem with NPCs getting stuck in doorways
  • Follower thrall should no longer walk backwards when set to follow the player
  • Fixed a problem with thralls not being able to attack after unequipping weapons during combat
  • Humanoid NPCs should no longer wield weapons and shields outside of combat
  • Fixed a problem with thralls no longer able to follow you if you logged out while thrall was in following mode

  • Improved streaming performance
  • Optimized the number of database queries related to corpses/unconscious bodies
  • Optimized orb effect combo cost

General bugfixes
  • Fixed a navigation problem for the server browser
  • Fixed language cut-offs in inventory view for several languages
  • Fixed a problem with server browser whereby servers did not list if max ping was cleared
  • When inspecting a thrall, the “Equip” button will now correctly equip items from either the players or the thralls backpack on the thrall

Server settings
  • KickAFKPercentage = 80 (integer value, between 0 and 100)
  • KickAFKTime = 2700 (integer value, in seconds)

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