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Hotfix 19.04.2018

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We have officially patched the live version of Conan Exiles with a quick little hotfix. This was previously rolled out to Testlive earlier today. Please remember to restart Steam to make sure your clients are updated.

Change log

  • Certain placeables had problems attaching themselves correctly (doors, gates etc) and disappear. We have fixed some cases with this hotfix and are investigating additional cases. Please continue to report any issues you have with disappearing placeables.
  • Fixed a server crash related to building
  • PvE servers should now be listed under the PvE filter again, as intended.
  • Optimized populations in certain areas
  • Fixed player spawning under the ground in local play
  • Servers should no longer crash when trying to generate a new player corpse
  • Fixed a crash issue related to loading in unconcious bodies
  • Removed the “Always Attack Towards Target” gameplay setting, as this setting is inactive
  • Kicking now pushes you back if you are blocking with a shield

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