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Proposal to reduce night time - Poll

Proposal to reduce night time - Poll   18 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. reduce night time poll

    • reduce night time by half
    • keep current settings

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just putting it back out there for a vote seeing as the server has changed a lot since we last voted on it.

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Set a lock time for the poll - Frost

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On one hand i find nights annoying as they're a tad too dark and ambient light is far too weak (even the full moon barely illuminates anything). On the other, i think making it super short takes away from how good the game looks at night and how nice a properly lit base can look. If only the light radiuses were a tad higher.

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Poll is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who voted :my_biggrin:

In the past seven days the max player average was 32 players - 75% of that is 24 players and with only 18 people actually voting cracked 56% of the average player population.

So as per the terms of the poll above perhaps 75% of the average population in favor is too high.

In consultation with Maverick and the majority of voting personnel making up 66% in favor of the change I will go with majority rules.

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