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    • Maverick

      New Website   01/06/17

      If you are seeing this, then you have made it to the new website of Oceanic Gaming!! We have ported across old content from our previous forum that still has some relevance. We will be working over the next few days to continue building our new forums. Enjoy! Maverick
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      Blackwake Servers UP   02/27/17

      Our Blackwake servers are now operational. See you guys on the high seas!
    • Maverick

      Oceanic News [March 2017]   02/28/17

      Hello! Well! A lot has happened so far, in 2017!! Click here to see the full post...
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      Blackwake competition winner!   03/02/17

      The winner of our blackwake competition has been announced! Well done to Bella Lewis. PM your steam details to me at your earliest convenience. Enjoy your copy of Blackwake and we hope to be sailing with you soon!
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      We're on Twitch!   03/07/17

      We're now broadcasting via Twitch! A few of the community members will be getting together each Sunday to host Sh*tFaced Sundays! Grab a tasty beverage and watch us play some of our favorite games. Follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/oceanicgamingnetwork

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  1. Yesterday
  2. We've hotfixed some of the issues from yesterday's patch. Please restart your clients to make sure you have the latest build: Patch notes Players who try to spawn inside mountains should now be sent to the desert instead Fixed a clan window crash Fixed an issue where the game would crash after exiting while playing on a dedicated server Light from light-sources has been slightly reduced. This should alleviate some of the FPS drops players were having in their bases. Known issues: Some players using older machines will get an error message about running out of memory. This is being investigated and will be fixed For previous known issues, check the thread on the Steam forums Next hotfixWe're aiming to hotfix again on Monday, with a build that will fix thrall recipes and correct a duping bugView the full article
  3. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner take a look at the upcoming Air Traffic Controller system and bring you another installment of “Burndown.” And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  4. Last week
  5. Chairs, vehicle tests, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] Test Vehicle (admin only) added Added new EAC launcher Chairs are mountable and provide 100% comfort Added grass shadow casting feature Added shadow quality option with new penumbra shadows feature Made grass meshes size more realistic Updated EAC SDK Reduced managed memory usage Overhauled entity parenting Improved server side eye verification (less false positives) Fixed Sentry/Helicopter shooting like a shotgun with low fps Fixed world serialization checksum problems (loading times) Fixed map exploit Fixed flashlight attachment shadows all over the place bug View the full article
  6. Will Weissbaum ventures into Banu space to explore Gliese. This resource-rich system is home to a massive flotilla and a fair amount of mystery around why the Banu refuse to set foot on its most promising planet. Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in our web-based Ark Star Map. View the full article
  7. Poll closed 1100 AEST 20 Sep after patch dropped. Containers were open on the server after the Aug 16 patch, on 25 Aug I chose to set all containers to locked after serious issues were identified on the server and the constant server crashes caused the game to become unplayable. Not counting my vote, open containers won by the slightest of margins. Due to the massive impact this will have on some players I will not be turning open containers on until Sunday @ 2200 AEST. With containers open the need to totally wipe a players base is not required and the collateral damage can be kept to a minimum. There are some lingering issues with this however the benefits out weight the negatives and I am sure we can all learn and evolve with the new game mechanics. Thank you to everyone who contributed and voted.
  8. Poll closed 1058 AEST 20 Sep just after patch dropped. EXP rates will remain as they are. Thank you to everyone who voted and contributed. Thanks to Kinky for taking the time to create the proposal, I hope others in the community take the initiative and participate in the community and try to mold and shape it into a community we can all be proud to be a part of.
  9. Hey! It's time to update. We've released a new patch for the PC version. Make sure you restart Steam to get the latest version of the game. This patch contains three weeks of changes and gameplay updates, chief among them a quick revamp of the temperature system. See below for the full change log: TL;DR Added option for locking containers (Containers owned by clan are lockable/unlockable for all members of that clan) A map marker will now point to where you died PvP death notifications should now appear when a player logs back in after being killed offline Arrows can now be picked up by players after they've hit something unless they break on impact When multiple players help kill a monster the XP is now distributed among everyone that contributed damage. Thrall specialty recipes should now be in the recipe slots, not the Thrall slot Fur can now be made into leather in a tannery The screen edge effect for temperature (de)buffs have been modified to be less intrusive Doors and gates will now close automatically after about 30 seconds The Cry-for-Help radius of humanoid NPCs have been reduced significantly. This will make it a bit easier to break camps and not have to face hordes of enemies all the time (although it will still happen if the player is not careful). Crafting times have been tweaked for most recipes in the game to about half. This change will be most notable for weapons and ammunition such as bolts and arrows. Some food items are also significantly affected Dragonpowder and Explosive Jars no longer have decay timers Added pop-up hint to Star Metal meteors when players try to harvest the outer shell with tools. Star Metal core can now be harvested with all tools, but steel tools give the most resources [b1]Temperature system changes[/b] The temperature system will now change more slowly - meaning that moving from one area to another will still apply the same temperatures but it takes longer to reach the target temperature Changed temperature system popups. Temperature system now progresses (from coldest to hottest); "Frostbite, Extremely Cold, Very Cold, Cold, Normal, Hot, Very Hot, Extremely Hot, Overheating" Drinking from the waterskin and the water-filled flasks will now give a cooling effect. Swimming reduces temperature by a small amount. It should now be possible to eat ice and get a cold buff Fixed damage on "Very Hot" buff, "Very Cold" buff and "Extremely Hot" and "Extremely Cold" buffs. The damage has been removed from the "Very" versions and slightly lowered for the "Extremely" versions The screen edge effect for temperature (de)buffs have been modified to be less intrusive Frost bite damage has been increased The following items now provide correct temperature protection: - Sandstorm Breathing Mask - Darfari Speaker Mask - Leather Workgloves - Climbing Gloves - Climbing Boots - Black Hand Vest - Black Hand Trousers - Relic Hunter Turban - Relic Hunter Shirt - Relic Hunter Gloves - Relic Hunter Trousers - Relic Hunter Boots All of the above now grant anti-heat bonuses, except for the leather workgloves that give a +2 temperature. Exile Heavy armor now increases temperature as follows: - Normal: +5 - Exceptional: +8 - Flawless: +13 Exile Medium armor now increases temperature as follows: - Normal: +5 - Exceptional: +8 - Flawless: +13 Reptile armor now decreases temperature by a total of -15 General Bug Fixes and Improvements Added option for locking containers (Containers owned by clan are lockable/unlockable for all members of that clan) Removed the mighty invisible wall around an NPC camp tent so it would stop blocking arrows Fixed an issue where doors in The Dregs dungeon wouldn't open Fixed an issue where the client would crash if an item disappeared from your hotbar and another item was placed on top of it The inventory that opens when interacting with unconscious players now has navigation It should now be possible to build on Static Meshes The NPC resurection wizard has re-learned an improved version of his resurrection spell that should now bring NPCs back to life correctly Players can not build foundations on foliage buildings (most Acheronian buildings are) Shellfish trap now has collision with players and NPCs Windows, doorways and fences should no longer snap part way up foundations Mitra has graced his T2 and T3 altars with his presence, and the flames should no longer be offset Komodos should now die properly, open-mouthed with their tounge sticking out The dead NPC that drops Razma's journal 3 should now have a face that doesn't look messed up PvP death notifications should now appear when a player logs back in after being killed offline You should now be able to use items when they're in containers (click the "More" button) Dying from poison should now show the name of the person who poisoned you Items that don't need to be on your hotbar should no longer appear on your hotbar when crafting them Equipping arrows to a bow in the radial menu will add the arrows to the bow properly Fixed a case where players could lose movement control and the ability to chat if they opened chat with Vanity Cam activated Fixed some issues where players were not allowed to build in places where they should Female characters should no longer spawn in as men with massive schlongs Fixed an issue where characters could temporarily lose their saved appearance when logging in You should no longer be able to sprint in the air Closed up a hole in the ruins to prevent players from placing bedrolls inside it Extended the wooden backplate on all trophies so they can be attached properly to walls Stacksizes of trophies have been increased Hyena Head Trophies can be placed on the outer side of walls. Small correction to the cold stage 3 buff where it did not do hunger damage Updated Lore Objects Table updated with placeholder images for notes The Kingslayer Polearm now uses stamina as intended Exceptional Star Metal Hammers no longer requires the player to know a recipe they can't learn anywhere Arcos The Wanderer no longer teaches the player an emote they know by default. Arcos now teaches the "Clap Small." emote The Stygian Brazier and Stygian Tripod Brazier should now have the correct names It should now be easier to place down placeables Shemite and Zamorian dancer outfits are now available from armorer thralls Cooking thralls can now be placed at stoves All T3 Carpenters give recipes for; Flawless Crossbow, Flawless Heavy Crossbow, and Flawless Hyrkanian Bow. These can all be crafted by the player once they've learned the base feat for each item Players should no longer be prompt spawned when trying to enter The Black Keep NPC's should no longer spawn on the archways above Skulker's End Harlot diary page on The Broken Highway has been relocated to the river area The Keychest in the Abandoned keep should no longer give you keys if you already have one Updated the Underwater breathing buff to not check every tick Giant King (and ghost version) should now have a hitbox and can be damaged Wall braziers can now be destroyed World Loot Chests can be destroyed by punching them (about 8 hits) Added mechanics to allow players to lock/unlock containers Arrows can now be picked up by players after they've hit something unless they break on impact Fixed an issue where players could make foundations float Balance and Gameplay Fixes AI improvements - Split ranged and melee fighter behaviors. Allowed move and shoot for archers Directional movement now rotates entire character instead of blending different rotated animations when using gamepad and playing in third person Undead creatures should now do damage properly Fixed some wrong spawn entries which spammed the logs Added pop-up hint to Star Metal meteors when players try to harvest the outer shell with tools. Star Metal core can now be harvested with all tools, but steel tools give the most resources Dragon Hatchlings (both red and green), Green Dragon and Crocodile Boss should now be tougher and drop correct resources Thrall specialty recipes should now be in the recipe slots, not the Thrall slot When multiple players help kill a monster the XP is now distributed among everyone that contributed damage. It should no longer be possible to do damage with an Avatar once the summoning duration has ended Added an option to disable autowield. The default is off, which means autowield/autosheathe. If the option is turned on sprint will not work unless your hands are empty. Players can still press X to sheathe when in automode to achieve a similar behavior Fixed the water volume in the lake near the 3 towers Added correct collision to Acheronian ruins to prevent players from getting stuck A map marker will now point to where you died. You should now gain the correct amount of experience points when discovering something Black Ice is now a required ingredient in repairs for Black Ice recipes Fur can now be made into leather in a tannery Recipes for: Honeyglazed Roast, Honeyed Eggs, Mystery Meat Soup, Honeyed Gruel, Honey Jerky, Honeybread, Ice Tea have been added to cooking thralls Black Ice is now a required ingredient in repairs for Black Ice recipes Reduced the weight of hardened steel armor and the Silent legion set Players should no longer repeatedly be able to dismantle/craft Explosive Jars for infinite XP. Dismantled Explosive Jars no longer refund Earthenware Jug or Dragonpowder Reduced the amount of berries required for Berry juice Made it possible to place Shellfish traps in shallow water Fixed root motion attacks on Death Knights, Crocodiles, Wild Boars and so forth. This change will make the monsters use their attacks properly and also not teleport at the end of the attacks Loot specific to The Frozen North should now be available in loot chests in that area Ice + Glassflask in a campfire will now make a filled Water flask Thirst will now automatically replenish itself to 100% when first submerged in water Minor tweak to loot tables to add bolts. The Cry-for-Help radius of humanoid NPCs have been reduced significantly. This will make it a bit easier to break camps and not have to face hordes of enemies all the time (although it will still happen if the player is not careful) Crafting times have been tweaked for most recipes in the game to about half. This change will be most notable for weapons and ammunition such as bolts and arrows. Some food items are also significantly affected Reduced the droprate of Black Ice for the Ice Rocknoses. Tier 3 Sandstone fences now have the correct material costs Tier 3 sandstone fences now have the correct material costs Boars, Bears, Crocodiles, Rhinos, Frost Giants, and Death Knights should no longer teleport after they've finished charging Dragonpowder and Explosive Jars no longer have decay timers Glacier-crack now does less damage Crafting cost for Pillars have been reduced by 50% Crafting cost for Hardened Steel and Star Metal hammers have been increased Telith's Lament, the Kingslayer Polearm and the Deathbringer axe have had their stats adjusted upwards Black Ice Longsword and Broadsword should now have different stats Hardened Steel spears should now have armor penetration Armor penetration has been increased for daggers Damage on daggers have been lowered Doors will now close automatically after about 30 seconds Black Ice recipes, Silent Legion recipes and the King Beneath polearm recipes should now requrie the player to know Starmetal or Hardened steel feats before learning them Cinematics Moved a ghost cinematic to the correct location Added falling boulders and frozen rocks Performance and Tech Fixes Fixed an issue where parsing remote address with no port produced port number zero instead of default port Various minor tech fixes Fixed an issue where precaching would break mods Various crash fixes Fix for local weather controller and rain/snow environments Fixed Nvidia Ansel functionality not working properly in the Highlands Increased the Nvidia Ansel range a bit for non-admins Fixed missing BP_ServerSettings default Data tables re-export, re-import and localization regeneration Changed priority on how buildings are loaded in. Buildings closer to the player are now prioritized. This, along with containers being lockable, should help combat "ghost raiding" Set up asyncronous loading and cache handling of building items to prevent stalls and overeager memory usage Code improvements for character creation The loading screen should no longer last forever Removed log spam for creatures failing to spawn There should no longer be log spawn when equipping Black Ice Wooden Ceiling and Doorway Auto-running with the map open should no longer crash the game The loading screen shouldn't disappear and re-appear for a few seconds during loading Added a BuildingPreloadRadius-server setting TickFunction cleanup and optimizations The Abandoned Keep map has been split from the teleporters that are now placed in their own level. This should hopefully reduce the amount of assets loaded at the same time in Audiovisual Improvements Runestones without written lore no longer have the lore display pop up Minor inventory UI updates and improvements Visual improvements to Server Settings UI Text fields are now as big as they should be Behind the scenes fixes and improvements to character creation Improved snow particle effect and fixed visibility issues with weather Optimized bushes Re-fixed the sidebars for the new crafting stations. Grease orbs should no longer leave a weird line effect when thrown at walls Fixed an issue where corpse near spawn area looked distorted Added additional animations and tweaks to crocodiles Improved buttons in Feats window Hosting player should now have a nameplate on a single-player/co-op server Updated graphics on the radial menu so it's consistent with the shortcut bar Changed and muted audio volume for weather because it ruined all other sounds Labels on hotbar should now update to reflect current keybindings The inside face on Black Ice reinforced Walls should no longer flicker Various animation fixes for Frost Giant, Death Knight, Sewer abomination and other NPCs Slope tilting corrections and adjustments for elephant and mammoth Fixed the textures on the Children of Jhil monster Fixed hitboxes for scorpion attacks Tweaked Shaleback ground smash attack so it can't rotate right after it smashes the ground Added some anticipation to the crocodile basic attacks Gave scorpion tail attack longer anticipation and more recovery time Updated Avatar User Interface Fixed flipped Acheronian wall piece near Dogs of the desert Fixed a floating fence in dogs of the desert camp entrance Replaced Camp watchtowers with Static ones. (so they can be seen from far away) Half-buried Ymir statue should now have collision Drawing your weapon and harvesting iron ore should now have the correct sounds Highland trees should now have sound when they are chopped down. Replace barrels in the Highland camps with barrels players can't destroy Replace beds in the Highland camps with beds players can't destroy Fixed compression artifacting on lore tablet glow Black/White Ice should now look the way they should Fixed grass materials so they look right from all angles Bracketed Torch should now use the correct fire texture Increased radius for lightsources Red and green dragon hatchlings should now have the proper collision Make dryer visually update when putting in dried fish/raw fish/meat/dried meat The spikes in the black keep spike traps should now come out of the walls as they kill you Frost temple - the Smith no longer spawns inside the Frost Smithy. View the full article
  10. Dear Exiles, In the past 7 months I have seen clans come and clans go - but the thing that I know with this game is that it is more fun with others. For those of you who are in small clans - there is an easy way to combine with other small clans for both mutual protection and capability. For ease of this explanation, I will refer to the clans as Alpha and Beta. First, all members besides the clan leader from Beta clan, leave and join Alpha Clan. The clan leader of Beta clan then goes into the clan menu and deletes the clan, there will be a warning saying: "all structures will be deleted" but you can ignore this as ownership of the clan assets and buildings will just revert to the player. That player is now considered a solo player and when they join Alpha Clan all buildings structures and assets will become a part of Alpha Clan. Congratulations you have just merged your two clans! This process can be conducted as many times as you wish with as many clans or solo players as you can recruit.
  11. I enjoy these smaller fixes and updates while the larger ones are under construction, major predictions besides what has been stated will be in the game (like magic and the purge) before release in Q1 2018: 1. Another map update in the north eastern corner - you can basically see where it will be based on the map. 2. expansion on the siege system, like towers and rams. 3. hopefully some sort of Offline Raid Protection... I predict so that it is more likely to happen :D
  12. Hard Place ADVOCACY ARCHIVE INTRA-AGENCY MESSAGES 2947-08-29_14:27 SET TO: DIR. THOMAS CARMODY CC: AD JOSH SHAW, DEP. AD EMMA THORNE FROM: SC STEFANO CALLIER SUBJECT: XI’AN MEETING Director Carmody, To follow up on our earlier discussion, I just left the meeting with the Xi’an envoys and to say they’re not happy would be a gross understatement. They presented documentation collating evidence of ongoing, weekly attacks targeting Xi’an shipments traveling through Nyx. I’ve attached their document for your records. My staff is currently cross referencing their list against ours to ensure there are no discrepancies. Thankfully, the Xi’an envoys have agreed not to file an official diplomatic complaint for now, but they made it abundantly clear that they wouldn’t hesitate to do so if we didn’t stop what’s going on. I reiterated that Nyx isn’t under our jurisdiction but to them, it makes no difference if the system is ‘recognized’ by the UEE or not. They consider Nyx to be Human-controlled space which, according to their interpretation of HuXa, means that it’s our responsibility to guarantee the safe passage of Xi’an cargo ships. I assured them that we’ve been implementing policies from Tohil that could help stop these attacks, like increased patrols near the jump into Nyx and updated Advocacy signage at refueling stops to advise Xi’an haulers to be wary of attacks. We’re doing everything we can short of entering the system to take care of the problems ourselves. Please advise if you believe there are any further actions my team and I can do to keep this issue from turning into a real diplomatic issue. Sincerely, Stefano Callier Section Chief Advocacy — Tohil System Attachment: XianAttackedShips_Nyx.tbf 2947-08-30_04:08 SET TO: SC STEFANO CALLIER CC: AD JOSH SHAW, DEP. AD EMMA THORNE FROM: DIR. THOMAS CARMODY RE: XI’AN MEETING SC Callier, I’m fully confident that you can find a quick and appropriate solution to this problem. I see you’ll be cycling back to headquarters in a few weeks. Let’s be sure to get some face time when you’re on Earth. I’ll have my office set something up. Thomas D. Carmody Director Office of the Advocacy New York, Earth, Sol 2947-08-31_10:51 SET TO: DIR. THOMAS CARMODY CC: AD JOSH SHAW, DAD EMMA THORNE FROM: SC STEFANO CALLIER RE: XI’AN MEETING Understood. Look forward to seeing you. Stefano Callier Section Chief Advocacy — Tohil System ___________________________________________________ 2947-09-02_21:40 SET TO: SC JAFFE PORTER FROM: SC STEFANO CALLIER SUBJECT: Rock and a … Hey Port, I need to pick your brain on a pressing issue. Today, another Xi’an shipment got hit in Nyx, and Carmody’s livid. I’m really between a rock and a hard place on this one. He’s told me to solve this issue, but never officially authorized my team to work Nyx. I’m worried that if I task agents for an unauthorized action in unregulated space, then it could be used against me. But if I don’t do something to stop these attacks, then I’m definitely in the doghouse. You know Carmody’s never been a big fan of mine, and I’m worried that he’s hanging me out to dry. He’s already set up a face-to-face next time I’m back on Earth. As someone who’s successfully walked the tightrope for a while, any recommendations on how to handle this without it blowing up in my face? -Stef 2947-09-03_14:33 SET TO: SC STEFANO CALLIER FROM: SC JAFFE PORTER RE: Rock and a … I don’t envy your position, kid, but don’t simply assume this is a set-up. Carmody cares about results above all else and delivering them is the only way to get in his good graces. Trust me, you’ll be sipping some fancyass limited-edition Radegast in that face-to-face if you get this Nyx thing sorted before then. So, consider this a test of your creativity. Even though Nyx isn’t our jurisdiction, it’s still our responsibility to maintain order. Influence doesn’t always mean direct action, though. How connected are you to the People’s Alliance? If word got to them that the Advocacy was ‘considering’ action in the system against these attackers, it might motivate them to do your dirty work. Just a thought. Good luck, -Jaffe 2947-09-04_06:57 SET TO: SC JAFFE PORTER FROM: SC STEFANO CALLIER RE: Rock and a … Appreciate it, Port. Knew I could count on you. Just spoke with a CI on Levski and the ball is in motion. Now it’s time to sit back and see if the People’s Alliance still hate us enough to want to keep us away. Only two weeks until that sit down with Carmody. Cross your fingers that another Xi’an ship doesn’t get hit before then. Either way, I owe you a bottle of fancy-ass Radegast myself. -Stef 2947-09-07_10:41 SET TO: SC STEFANO CALLIER FROM: SC JAFFE PORTER RE: Rock and a … Anytime. Us fringe SCs need to stick together. Let me know how it all shakes out. -Jaffe 2947-09-18_19:36 SET TO: SC STEFANO CALLIER FROM: SC JAFFE PORTER RE: Rock and a … Just realized it’s been two weeks. How was the meeting with Carmody? -Jaffe 2947-09-19_17:22 SET TO: SC JAFFE PORTER FROM: SC STEFANO CALLIER RE: Rock and a … You know, I’d always heard that nothing in the universe is smoother than a 40-year-old Radegast and damn, they were right. Carmody didn’t even ask about the Xi’an or Nyx. He just toasted my diligence and hard work before taking that first sip. Meanwhile, I was thanking the People’s Alliance under my breath for doing all the heavy lifting. And of course you too, Port. Couldn’t have done it without your advice. There’s a reasonably priced 12-year-old Radegast with your name on it next time you’re in Tohil. Thanks again. -Stef View the full article
  13. Hey Squaddies, We've got a few crash fixes for you. In related news, we're also trying to keep your head above ground, where squaddies belong. Fixed a crash related to loading into a match. Fixed a crash when using the +connect launch parameter. Fixed spawning below ground after revive/ragdoll. Offworld Out. View the full article
  14. Next week sees the launch of our massive Autumn Update, and there are a few features we want to highlight before the big day on September 28! Local Matches: It’s LAN Party Time! Rocket League on PC is getting a Local Match option at long last. This means you will be able to host and join LAN matches without the need for an internet connection! You and up to seven of your LAN party-going friends will be able to join the same match and enjoy all of the different game modes, Arenas, and Mutators that Rocket League has to offer -- think Private Matches, but offline with no need to select a server region. Creating and hosting a Local Match will feel very familiar if you have ever created an Exhibition Match or Private Match before. Joining a Local Match will bring up a new window, seen below, which will display any Local Match currently available on your network. Local Matches are PC-only for now, but we hope to include Local Match play for consoles in a future update. Director Mode BetaThe Autumn Update will also see a significant but experimental addition to spectating and Replays: ‘Director Mode’ comes with the update as a beta feature, putting an AI in charge of camera movement and placement while you watch Replays, or spectate matches. Powered by a deep analysis of match data and a brand new camera-controlling AI, Director Mode aims to give viewers the best position possible without pushing a button. The automated control will be especially relevant when it comes to choosing which Player Camera to focus on, and when to switch to a different player. Whether you’re streaming or spectating, having the speed and knowledge to shift between specific players, instead of opting for wider shots, can make or break the look and feel of a video or stream. Director Mode lives with the rest of the Camera Options available to you while spectating or watching Replays, and is a completely optional function. Watching the new mode at work can help inform you on how to set up manual controls later on, while those new to the streaming scene can use Director Mode to easily showcase matches to their followers. As always, please send us questions about Local Play and Director Mode on social, or on the subreddit. We can’t wait to share the rest of the Autumn Update with you next week! View the full article
  15. A whole lot of zergs, art, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] View the full article
  16. Dear exiles, Welcome to the first weekly community letter! If you missed our announcement from last week the weekly letter is our way of improving communication with our community, giving you a glimpse into our development process. So let’s get to it! Current state of PC We've released version 66616/13842 to our Testlive branch on Steam. This version includes performance improvements, locking mechanics for chests, crafting fixes, and other quality of life improvements and adjustments. Feedback has been pouring in and we’we’ve been making changes to the build to ensure that it is stable and thoroughly tested. Assuming that all goes well, we will push this version to the live build this week. A quick reminder that if you'd like to help us with testing builds earlier, you can do that here. We've received a lot of reports on both Xbox and PC about server crashes and we've spent the past few weeks looking at server stability. Some of the crashes have been caused by memory leaks that we have identified (and fixed), others are caused by deliberate attacks on the servers (DDOS) and some are due to unanticipated code interactions. We're working on fixing all three of these, but in the case of a DDOS we will often switch IP on the server, which in turn can cause it to disappear from your favorites. If you think your server has mysteriously disappeared due to it not showing in favorites, try searching again! The tech team are working hard to address all of these issues and we thank you for your continued patience. What the team has been doing the past week: Every Friday, the entire development team meets up to discuss what they’ve been working on recently: New content and features, bugs that have been fixed, and things to come down the pipeline. This information will be distilled into a weekly letter to the community, published at the start of the following week. We will also be addressing major concerns and issues, and share news and updates. The development team is split into cross professional scrum team that each have their own focus and tasks to complete: Vanguard are designers and coders that deal with exploits, bugs and gameplay and User Interface updates. You may have even met some of them (Scooper) in our Steam forums and fan Discords. Terraformers are the artists and designers who created The Frozen North and The Dregs dungeon. They're incredibly creative and hardworking people, able to create some truly breathtaking stuff. Featurama is another team of designers and artists, but their main focus is new features and content. They're the crew who made the new gameplay systems and mechanics we introduced in The Frozen North. Marketing loves these guys, because they give us so many pretty things to play with! The art team (who never picked a name) supports all the other teams with artwork, new textures, creatures, animations and effects. They also make those fantastic outfits the roleplayers love so much. Combat & Movement is an offshoot from Featurama. You can probably guess what their focus is already, based on the name. This team is headed up by our lead designer, Oscar Lopez Lacalle, who's a giant nerd when it comes to combat systems in video games. Combat is his baby, and he'll protect it at all cost. The Tech and systems team (who refused naming themselves) are the coders and engineers in charge of fixing server and client crashes, porting the game to consoles, improving game stability, and doing all the other technical aspects of game development that this community manager knows nothing about. Ask them what they think about the Unreal Engine. Vanguard (Bugs and exploit fixes and gameplay updates) We’re adding a patch notes window to the main menu, letting you more easily access the changelogs from our previous patches. The user interface is getting a revamp across the board, switching out the current system for a carousel based menu (similar to the solution in The Witcher 3). This will make the UI easier to navigate on both PC and console. The Admin panel is being updated so you can more quickly level yourself up, and continue to gain experience points after you’ve set yourself to a certain level. The Vanguard team have also dealt with a duplication exploit that was found by our QA team and have removed it from the game completely. Remember to report exploits here. Finally, the Vanguard team has been fixing User Interface bugs on both PC and Xbox. Terraformers (New areas and content) The Terraformers are making the finishing touches to some new building pieces that will make the building system even more flexible. One of the guys in marketing is already going crazy for it. Some of the new pieces include several different styles of roof pieces, which you can see in the image below: The bulk of the team is focused on a new area of the Exiled Lands and a new, fire themed dungeon. The basic design of the new dungeon is coming together (greyboxing), and another part of the team is creating textures and materials for the new playfield. We'll reveal more about both areas in the future. Watch this space for more information. Combat & Movement team (Combat and movement) In response to the continued requests of the community for improved combat, we've been busy working on our complete overhaul to the system. The combat team have been prototyping different changes we’d like to do. The past week that has included adding and testing attack combos and movement cancelling, attack cancelling and dodge cancelling. There are new chains for the sword and the heavy hammer. We’re extensively testing these combat changes internally. Featurama (New features) In response to exploit reports, a part of the Featurama team has been finding and plugging up holes in the terrain. The rest of the team have been implementing server settings for the temperature system, giving server admins more control over which gameplay features are active on their server. We're adding new and better versions of the Truncheon and Thrall Bindings items so your thralls will stay unconscious and captured for longer periods of time. Finally, there are improvements coming to the ragdolling system, for added realism. Art team (Character designs, outfits, animations and effects) The animation team has been revamping and improving on creature and character animations to support the changes we’re doing to the combat system. They’ve also been working on a facial rig so characters can emote during dialogue, emotes and cutscenes. There’s been a great amount of focus on optimization across the board, reducing asset costs from tens of thousands of polygons to much more acceptable numbers. This should have an impact on client framerate of the client on both PC and Xbox. We've also gone through the same process on destructibles in order to help improve frame rate when you're destroying building pieces. Because no one wants lag when they're breaking stuff down. Our character designers have been concepting designs for Zingaran, Stygian and Zamorian style outfits. And they look incredible! Cultural designs play a large part in the Conan universe and we want you to be able to visualize your character in a dozen different styles. We'll continue adding new armor types and visuals to the game up until launch. Tech and systems team (Client and server stability and performance) The tech team’s main priority recently has been stabilizing the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles. A patch was sent to certification on Friday and we rolled it out on Monday. This patch contained fixes for client freezes and texture pop-in, and some optimizations. In addition to stabilizing and patching the Xbox One version the tech team has also been working on improving integration of crash reports on Xbox One, as well as changing how the game loads in and streams information from the client and server databases. This should help improve game client performance. Finally, work has begun on porting Conan Exiles to PlayStation 4. We've partnered with Coconut Lizard, who helped us port Exiles to Xbox One. Coconut Lizard is also helping us add voice chat to the Xbox One version, and working on advancing the AI systems for the game. Wrapping up Thanks again for reading and for your continued support of Conan Exiles. Hopefully this weekly letter will offer a better glimpse into our process as we move the game towards full launch in Q1, 2018. Keep the feedback coming in.View the full article
  17. Greetings Citizens Greetings Citizens, Members from the Support and Community teams have convened at Turbulent’s office in Montreal for our Player Relations summit. We’ll be discussing the details of our website revamp, the ship matrix, Spectrum, and more! With that, let’s see what is going on this week. Today we released a brand new episode of Citizens of the Stars. In this episode, Citizen Spotlight explores how GrayHeadedGamer’s interest in cargo hauling got him started as a content creator. Then Sean Tracy talks FOIP and more during his round of Quantum Questions. On Tuesday, the Lore Team publishes another detailed weekly Lore Post of an in-fiction story about the life of citizens in the ‘Verse. Wednesday brings us another edition of Loremakers where we explore the mysteries of a planetary system in the Star Citizen universe. On Thursday, Around the Verse returns with the latest from the Star Citizen Development team. Also, Eric Keiron Davis gives us an update on our Burndown list as we approach the 3.0 Evocati release. To wrap up the week, join Jared Huckaby and Ben Lesnick for Happy Hour: Museum where Ben takes us on a trip down memory lane to explore a game from Chris Roberts’ past. That’s all for this week, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse! Tyler Nolin Community Manager The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2017 Citizens of the Stars (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2017 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2017 Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2017 Around the Verse + Burndown (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) Vault Update FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2017 Happy Hour: Museum (https://twitch.tv/starcitizen) Community Spotlight: September 18th, 2017 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! UEE Tactical Command Interface Aivii has created a unique tool to allow Ciitzens to strategize and plan battle operations for squadrons and organizations. The Tactical Command Interface contains plenty of features including crew management, multi-user support and dedicated URLs to share with your friends! Community Hub post here Timeless by Reaperdeathtoall This gorgeous shot of the m50 in the ‘Verse was taken by Reaperdeathtoall in the Alpha 2.6.3. Community Hub post here View the full article
  18. Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star Citizen is only possible because of the community. Citizens of the Stars not only highlights these contributions, but also puts a dev in the hotseat for a round of Quantum Questions, which addresses some fun facts about the dev and game. This week, the Citizen Spotlight explores how GrayHeadedGamer’s interest in cargo hauling got him started as a content creator. Then Sean Tracy talks FOIP and more during his round of Quantum Questions. Remember, many of the questions used are taken from our Star Citizen Subscribers in this thread here. Don’t forget to add yours for inclusion in future episodes, vote for the ones you want to see answered, and remember to keep them short and concise if you want your best chance of having them answered in under two minutes. The links for this week’s content are below: CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT GrayHeadedGamer and his Twitch / YouTube Content TOP 5 Origin 600i Poster by Olaf Aaaayyy! by Hasgaha Infinite Sunset by SpaceTed Whisperer in the Dark by Blade of Akire MVP: Frustmaster and his Drake Herald Cinematic View the full article
  19. This is a tough one Kink. The idea of leveling as intended (x1.0) certainly gives the game more life and enjoyment in my opinion. This could be viewed as fair to do after a server wipe as Skullet King suggests because there are more than 50 level 60 players and a lot of raiding. Newbies are already behind the 8 ball. That said, not everyone will play immediately after a server wipe and the dedicated players will be at level 60 before others anyway, so why not make the changes now? I've recently tried out Official server 901 to get an idea how this would be. The server has many established level 60 players but I still enjoyed the journey and challenges being a lowbie (up to level 14). Clearly I'm in two minds about your proposed changes. Perhaps a new OGN server could be the place for these changes because server 3 is working so well as is but I dont think the current population could support that, maybe once Funcom has the game stable and the numbers increase further? (Like before the building bug, server 1 and 3 were full). I guess we'll see how the vote goes.
  20. I have personally been holding back on ALOT of raiding while I wait for the open containers to come into effect. I cant speak for everyone but if i can break into a base and pick and choose the loot which i want then i am not going to break all your benches or take your thralls. So if you log on and you have been broken into by me you will find all your benches intact most of your thralls still in place and the vast majority of your loot still there. I think the same would go for most of the higher level players as we only require high end crafting materials at this point in the game. This might take the edge of a bit for levelling players who are getting raided while it makes it more interesting trying to secure our bases and create defenses as higher tier players.
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  22. ???? What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is? ARK Digest 49! Here is our question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy "Drake" Stieglitz! Survivor JozaSeraf asks, “So now when titanboa's are tameable, is there possibilaty to add them some sort of turret mode? Like they only bite until target is unconscious? That way we can have pits full of snakes and drop dino's in.” Yeah, we’ll add a general AI option for dinos to only attack Conscious targets. Survivor TranqRex asks, “You’re not able to Scorched Earth on a Player Dedicated Server unless you own the DLC. Will this be changed, as you can host on PC without.” Unfortunately not, because we can’t download the necessary content files onto the game client without the player having ownership of the DLC itself. Survivor Hazelnut20 asks, “Could you create a 'flee' aggression status, so that if something hits your dinosaur, that it runs away, instead of standing in direct line of fire?” Sure, we’ll add that -- no guarantees as to how effective it’ll be against a determined attacker, however! Survivor Hosscat asks, “Being an achievement hunter and enjoying some of the challenges ARK gives to obtain some of the achievements I was excited to see The Center map had its own specific achievement. Will more achievements for other maps be released, such as Scorched Earth or Ragnarok only achievements?” Yes, when Ragnarok is done, we’ll add Achivements for it. Scorched Earth and Aberration will also be getting achievements. Survivor AbeHikura asks, “are the future expansions already decided by the team (hence the season pass) or are you guys carefully monitoring us for inspiration? Will these expansions be the same or larger than Scorched earth (content wise)?” We’ve got the third Expansion in early design phase -- though much of its content is yet to be determined and will also be in response to continued feedback. Beyond that, we’ll be in continuous brainstorming mode :) Survivor Mendoza asks, “Have you considered any further the decision to make above ground beacon drops fully random?” We’ll be adding a configuration option for this in the very near future. Survivor TheGamingGomer asks, “Will we get splitscreen on console player dedicated servers? My brother and our friend would like to be able to play together without having three consoles or all getting on at the same time.” We can’t do it because the tethering logic is necessary for splitscreen to function properly, and the tethering logic only runs in non-dedicated mode. Survivor Ulkusus asks, “Command/execute on starting ark: scan your steam achievements and update your local profile accordingly so one can get skins back after a reinstall of the game?” Yes, we will do this. Probably doesn’t need to be a command-line either, can likely just run upon each startup. Will investigate ASAP. Survivor EternalUniverse asks, “Can we please have a respawn protection (ya'know when you respawn and you are into that animation that takes a long time to finish and then you get spawn killed by a dino?)” We’ll make a respawning player not targetable by Wild Dino AI’s. Survivor Nightmare2772 asks, “Will Aberration feature a new plant species? Plant Species Z maybe? I like the idea of a huge carnivorous plant.” It will, and it’s called Plant Species Z :-P Survivor KraziestKraken asks, “This is kind of a random question, but is the woman riding the raptor on the box art Helena? I've always thought so, but i'd like confirmation. “ As a matter of fact, she is. Survivor NeckRipper asks, “Will the dlc content of Aberration carry over and be usable in the other Arks like the island, center and rag?” Yes, just like with Scorched Earth. Survivor Nch1418 asks, “First, are there plans to expand the story into the newly announced Aberration expansion and the other expansion coming in 2018? Second, will we be getting Explorer Notes from any new characters besides the six already introduced? Third, any small hints on what the 2018 DLC is going to involve or what it will be centered around (e.g. further story content, etc.)?” The story continues in Aberration and reaches a climax in the third DLC, where All Is Revealed in an epic conclusion. Each Expansion introduces new characters and raises the stakes, while continuing the story of the characters who have survived previous ARKs (they might not make it out alive from subsequent ARKs though!). Survivor Gibsy asks, “Are you guys still going ahead with the revamp of the older dinos? If so when are we likely to see it” We have our design plans worked-out here for the Dino TLC pass, and it will be implemented and released this year. ARK: 2x Evolution Event Weekend! Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event++ perk this weekend! It's already live now and will remain active until Monday the 18th at 12PM EST. All Official Servers will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rate 2x Taming Rate 2x EXP Rate 2x Maturing 2x Hatching 2x Gestation 2x Faster Mating Interval Rates ------------- To read the rest of the Community Crunch this week, check out our announcement post on survivetheark![survivetheark.com] Keep on surviving! View the full article
  23. CitizenCon 2947: Exploring New Worlds Greetings Citizens! C&D Events is proud to announce the theme for the 2947 CitizenCon: Exploring New Worlds. With help from our sponsors like Consolidated Outlands, Aegis Dynamics, the UEE Diplomatic Corps, Compass Magazine, and Electronic Access, this year’s event will discuss exploring beyond the known frontier and showcase emergent technology, security protocols and even helpful social skills when venturing into the great unknown. Arguably the biggest event of its kind, CitizenCon brings together speakers, exhibitors and vendors to celebrate the people of the UEE. Doors to the event will open at 12 PM UTC so there’s plenty of time for you to experience and explore everything that’s planned. The main auditorium will host presentations while numerous booths will focus on exploration and other topics that you won’t want to miss. Expect to hear more about these details closer to the event. The whole event will be streamed from the Capitol Theater via Twitch and a full itinerary of the day’s speakers will be available soon. You can find the previous announcement regarding CitizenCon 2947, complete with location information and FAQ here. CitizenCon 2947 Sponsors View the full article
  24. Jump Point Now Available! Attention development subscribers: the September 2017 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of ships for Star Citizen Alpha 3.0! That, plus a look at the history behind Roberts Space Industries, a visit to Tohil, and a behind the scenes with the QA team that made the live Gamescom demo possible. Finally, don’t miss the second chapter in A Gift for Baba, a famous children’s story that inspired the names of Crusader’s moons. Grab your copy today. Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here. View the full article
  25. Hey Squaddies, With the weekend ahead, we wanted to make sure you could get your range drills in. These hot, hot fixes can be found on a Steam client near you today! Fixed a crash in the Engine. Set soldier movement speed when playing in local to normal levels. Fixed the ingame server browser showing an incomplete list. (If you still don't see all the servers, reduce pings/min in steam settings->ingame settings). Changed ingame server browser to order by ping by default Fixed ghost gunshots being heard at maproot. Fixed placing SL markers on minimap stopping all inputs. Fixed default admins.cfg listing deprecated permission level. Offworld Out. View the full article
  26. Dev blog #16: Have fun with building in Conan Exiles! Our developers share some tips and tricks on how to make your fortess or castle even more impressive including how to make round buildings without gaps, building on cliff faces, and other techniques. Pictures included! https://blog.conanexiles.com/en/dev-blog-16-fun-building-conan-exiles/View the full article
  27. Sandi Gardiner and Josh Herman host this week’s episode of Around the Verse. This episode explores the upcoming mission system and includes another installment of “Burndown.” And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  28. I'm for open benches... so long as chests are locked. All that locked benches does is force people to break things. It also allows me to not have to take everything. At the moment, my only choice is to take everything because I can't put any of the crap back*. If it was unlocked, I can take only the good stuff, and put the junk back. Sure, it's junk, but it may be just what you need to quickly repair those broken doors and walls. *some people complain about others who break and take everything. That is their right, even when things are unlocked. They should not have to proclaim they 'take it all because they want it all'. As much as it sucks for the breakee, they are completely validated to break it all for no other premise than 'ha ha ha'.
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