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    • Maverick

      New Website   01/06/17

      If you are seeing this, then you have made it to the new website of Oceanic Gaming!! We have ported across old content from our previous forum that still has some relevance. We will be working over the next few days to continue building our new forums. Enjoy! Maverick
    • System-Zero

      Blackwake Servers UP   02/27/17

      Our Blackwake servers are now operational. See you guys on the high seas!
    • Maverick

      Oceanic News [March 2017]   02/28/17

      Hello! Well! A lot has happened so far, in 2017!! Click here to see the full post...
    • System-Zero

      Blackwake competition winner!   03/02/17

      The winner of our blackwake competition has been announced! Well done to Bella Lewis. PM your steam details to me at your earliest convenience. Enjoy your copy of Blackwake and we hope to be sailing with you soon!
    • System-Zero

      We're on Twitch!   03/07/17

      We're now broadcasting via Twitch! A few of the community members will be getting together each Sunday to host Sh*tFaced Sundays! Grab a tasty beverage and watch us play some of our favorite games. Follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/oceanicgamingnetwork

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  2. Jump Point Now Available! Attention development subscribers: the July 2017 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of the Nox space bike! That, plus a look at Trade and Development, a visit to the Pallas System, behind the scenes with the community engagement team and an all-new chapter a Star Citizen serial! Grab your copy today. Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here. View the full article
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  4. Versatility, Maneuverability and Power aren't mutually exclusive anymore. Meet the future of ground-based vehicles. Dual operator terminals provide total control. The Cyclone provides multiple interactive displays to give both the driver and co-pilot ultimate control of their vehicle and its systems. The Co-pilot's seat not only gives the ability to survey the area, but also provides controls to additional systems provided by the various modules. WITH THIS MUCH ADVENTURE IN THE UNIVERSE, WHO NEEDS ROADS? WITH THE SIZE ONE TURRET MOUNT, THE CYCLONE-TR IS ROUGH AND READY TO TUMBLE. The Cyclone's exclusive X-TEC tires handle all kinds of terrain. Built using Tumbril's proprietary new Smart-Technology, the new X-TEC tires are the perfect solution for off-road vehicles. These articulated treads can change their configuration to handle soft and loose terrain or harder surfaces to provide equal traction, no matter the environment. build your cyclone today at your local tumbril dealer Cyclone Sale select your category cyc cyc-tr cyc-rc cyc-rn cyc-aa CYC The baseline model of the Cyclone features an open flatbed in the back where cargo pieces can be safely secured and transported, making it a perfect transport for homesteads or as a short-range vehicle for planetary deliveries. CYC-TR Designed for militia and security use, the Cyclone TR module features upgraded armor and a single Human-operated turret capable of mounting a Size 1 weapon and a responsive 360° field of fire. CYC-RC For those who like to push the limits of speed, the Cyclone RC features a modified intake system to allow for controlled bursts of speed as well as tools to customize handling. CYC-RN Stay mobile and aware with the Cyclone RN. This light reconnaissance vehicle is the perfect solution for scouting runs, providing fast and detailed scans of terrain as well as beacon placement. CYC-AA A battlefield equalizer, the Cyclone AA comes equipped with a surface-to-air missile and countermeasure package to provide cover for ground troops against airborne targets. Meet The Cyclone Take an exclusive look under the hood of the new Cyclone in this exciting brochure and see what's in store for this brand new incarnation of Tumbril Land Systems. Open the Magazine or Download Click To Read The UEE Department of Transportation & Navigation With the unveiling of the new Cyclone, Tumbril wanted to remind you that some businesses require a Class-G license to operate vehicles like the Cyclone. To that end, Tumbril has teamed up with the Department of Transportation and Navigation to provide a direct link to the appropriate written exam to get you rolling. Get your Class- G commercial Drivers License here! Image Gallery About The Concept Sale The Cyclone is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the vehicle design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Star Citizen. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the vehicle hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add a Cyclone poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Cyclone mini vehicle model! In the future, the vehicle price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras. If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until August 2nd, 2017. You can also view a detail of the Cyclone in the Holo Viewer in the Tech Overview of the vehicle page, and be sure to enjoy the Cyclone brochure. As with every Concept Sale, we will also be doing a Q&A post. There will be a forum thread on Spectrum to take your questions. Make sure to vote for the questions you most want to see answered and we will be posting the dev’s responses next week. Look for the Comm-Link Schedule next week to find out when that post will go up! What is a War Bond vehicle? War Bond vehicles and packages are a way to directly support Star Citizen’s continued development. Vehicles labeled War Bond are available at a discount, which is possible because they can not be purchased with store credit from melted items. Standard versions of these vehicles without the War Bond discount are typically offered for purchase using store credits at the same time a concept sale page goes live. Disclaimer Remember: we are offering this pledge ship to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding generated by sales such as this is what allows us to include deeper, non-combat oriented features in the Star Citizen world. All ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the final persistent universe launches. View the full article
  5. Hey Squaddies! Want to see your favorite development team get busy on the motion capture stage? You got it! Check out the article right here, then tell us what you think below! View the full article
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  7. Sandi Gardiner and Will Weissbaum host this week’s episode, which focuses on kiosk and commodities coming in 3.0 and beyond. Plus, Brian Chambers provides an update from F42 Frankfurt. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  8. Cyclone Presale Greeting Citizens! Vehicle enthusiasts know the name Tumbril. Formed in 2536, the company designed some of the earliest ground-based vehicles for the UPE Army. For centuries, it was a trusted name in dependable, off-road vehicles and HOVs. Although the company was forced to close down in 2862, the reputation of these vehicles lived on. Now, Tumbril is back. After carefully considering all the varied and exciting systems in the UEE, Tumbril has chosen Stanton system to extend a special invitation to active pilots around Crusader to pre-purchase this exciting new all-terrain vehicle. For a limited time in this inaugural sale, Tumbril will be releasing a special edition of the Cyclone called the Dust Devil. Featuring a non-reflective matte black paint, the Dust Devil is perfect for land-based operations that require speed and discretion. We know that your business is your life, so having dependable and reliable vehicles at your disposal can be the difference between a payday and a blown contract. That’s why we’d like you to consider the Cyclone or one of its dynamic module variants as an addition to your business. The UEE Department of Transportation & Navigation With the unveiling of the new Cyclone, Tumbril wanted to remind you that some businesses require a Class-G license to operate vehicles like the Cyclone. To that end, Tumbril has teamed up with the Department of Transportation and Navigation to provide a direct link to the appropriate written exam to get you rolling. Get your Class- G commercial Drivers License here! About the Pre-Sale The Tumbril Cyclone pre-sale will run through July 20. Pre-sale Cyclones include a limited edition Tumbril Stock forum badge and limited skin which will not be available with the standard model. Credit models and additional multi-ship packs will be available in the full sale, as will a brochure, holoviewer model and additional concept material. View the full article
  9. Tanks, AI, optimization, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] New music system Three new songs Footsteps on ore nodes no longer silent Footsteps on steep inclines play more reliably Fixed water spawning a sack world model when dropped Better logic to switch between walking and running footsteps Misc audio mix tweaks Optimized foliage displacement Optimized effect lookup caching View the full article
  10. We've got a quick update to the 9.6 Alpha for you today! Let's get right into the details of the hotfix: Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching. Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1. Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1. Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back. Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1. Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes. Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs. Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs. Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs. Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position. Flipped stance indicators horizontally. View the full article
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  12. With the conclusion of the FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational, we’re ready to hit our next stop of the summer: DreamHack Atlanta. With teams from Europe and North America making their way out to battle for their share of the $50,000 prize pool, this will be the final clash between EU and NA in a LAN setting before the RLCS Season 4 World Championship. The Road Leading to AtlantaWith NRG Esports taking their first-ever LAN victory at X Games, it seems the skill gap between North America and Europe may have finally closed. GarrettG turned in one of his strongest performances to date, and NRG consistently performed at a championship-caliber level. If they can bring the same mentality to Atlanta, they’re one of the teams to this DreamHack weekend. Team EnVyUs and the newly signed Renegades squad (formerly SelflessGG) are striving for another top placement at DreamHack Atlanta. Despite both teams narrowly missing the top two at the X Games, they’re both hungry to reach the finals in Atlanta. With EnVyUs spending the week bootcamping, Deevo, Remkoe and gReazymeister are looking to bounce back after being defeated by Gale Force Esports in Minneapolis. These are just four of the 44 teams that are making their way out to Atlanta to fight for the $50,000 prize pool. The real question is: will the teams who have dominated competitive Rocket League for months maintain their prowess, or will a dark horse team make a statement in Atlanta? With the RLCS Qualifiers on the horizon, this event will serve as a preview of what team rosters look like going into Season 4. Where to Watch and Survival GuideThe tournament stream will be live on https://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackrocketleague throughout the weekend, so be sure to join us live, and stay up to date on the latest highlights from the event on Twitter via @RocketLeague and @DreamHack. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the talent list[atlanta.dreamhack.com] for Atlanta, an interview with Kronovi[atlanta.dreamhack.com] and the DreamHack Atlanta Survival Guide[atlanta.dreamhack.com]. Below is the full broadcast schedule so be sure to plan out the weekend and make room for some more Rocket League Esports action! FRIDAY JULY 21 2:00 pm EDT (8:00pm CEST): Pre-show 2:30 pm EDT (8:30pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 1 – Heat 1 3:00 pm EDT (9:00pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 2 – Heat 1 3:30 pm EDT (9:30pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 3 – Heat 1 4:30 pm EDT (10:30pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 1 – Heat 2 5:00 pm EDT (11:00pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 2 – Heat 2 5:30 pm EDT (11:30pm CEST): Round 1 – Match 3 – Heat 2 7:00 pm EDT (1:00am CEST): Round 2 – Match 1 – Heat 1 8:00 pm EDT (2:00am CEST): Round 2 – Match 2 – Heat 1 9:00 pm EDT (3:00am CEST): Round 2 – Match 3 – Heat 1 SATURDAY JULY 22 1:00 pm EDT (7:00pm CEST): Pre-show 1:30 pm EDT (7:30pm CEST): Round 2 – Match 1 – Heat 2 2:30 pm EDT (8:30pm CEST): Round 2 – Match 2 – Heat 2 3:30 pm EDT (9:30pm CEST): Round 2 – Match 3 – Heat 2 5:00 pm EDT (11:00pm CEST): Round 2 – Match 4 – Heat 3 6:00 pm EDT (12:00am CEST): Round 2 – Match 5 – Heat 3 7:00 pm EDT (1:00am CEST): Round 2 – Match 6 – Heat 3 8:30 pm EDT (2:30am CEST): Round 2 – Match 7 – Heat 4 9:30 pm EDT (3:30am CEST): Round 2 – Match 8 – Heat 4 10:30 pm EDT (4:30am CEST): Round 2 – Match 9 – Heat 4 SUNDAY JULY 23 1:30 pm EDT (7:30pm CEST): Top 8 (4 BO5s) 6:30 pm EDT (12:30am CEST): Semifinals (2 BO7s) 9:00 pm EDT (3:00am CEST): Grand Final (BO7) View the full article
  13. Archivist Cherie Heiberg tours the Centauri System. She provides scientific insight and historical context to this fascinating system. Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in our web-based Ark Star Map. View the full article
  14. Hey, Survivors! We’ve got important and exciting news to share! First of all, we’ve finally completed our game for the console disc retail submission! It was a very long and arduous process, our boss fight or so to say, and your feedback throughout this process has been highly valuable. It was a very tight deadline to make the ship date, and the team has been intensively grinding through singleplayer-oriented refinements for the posterity of the disc-based version. All that aside, we were able to resolve many issues, as well as considerably improve the game through various changes and implementation of new techniques and it’s now time to move onto refocus our development efforts on the live game, as well as address some key topics within the community: Will the Official Servers be wiping? Short answer: No -- but read the long answer! We had previously released a statement a year ago informing players that our Official Servers would not be wiping on the retail launch of the game. We’ve thought long and hard about the decision, taking into consideration the various points brought up by the community, the internal members of the team, as well as the general discussion that has taken place on the internet through various press/media outlets and will be sticking to our initial decision. It is clear that some group of players are for the wipe for, and some are against it, all for legitimate reasons; and we took it all into account. We ultimately decided that we would not wipe and we would rather pay the cost to launch an additional new PvP Server Cluster network (alongside but separate from the PvP Legacy Cluster), where players will get to have a fresh experience on the ARK; across all four maps with no influence from any of the previous servers. At that time we'll be rolling out the new server code and infrastructure necessary to prevent critical issues such as server crashing exploits, duping, and DDoSing, so they will not affect the batch of new servers (as well as the legacy ones, going forward). Our current set of Official Servers will be rebranded as “Legacy” and indicated as such on all platforms. We will also be taking steps to remove some of our ‘ghost town’ servers, where the player population has remained near-zero for an extended duration of time. We’ll take a look at the statistics and will be repurposing 10% of the lowest count servers across all platforms. Once we know which servers these are; we'll preserve the save files and upload them, so if you so wish to use them, you can. Players will also have time to move through Cross-ARK to a different secure Legacy server. Every three months we will be taking a review of the Legacy Officials to see what the numbers are like and may consider repurposing more ‘ghost towns’, however, the goal will be to preserve any place with human activity. Development Kit! Oh modders, how we love you so much, we hope you can forgive us for the delay and understand as developers yourselves our reason for doing so. Fortunately, we come bearing good news! Jeremy is prepping the latest version of the Dev Kit right now (literally!) and we will have it available to download later today via GitHub, and soon after that via the Unreal Launcher when we are confident in its stability. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest information on the Unreal Forums in regards to any relevant/cool changes! That should be what we wanted to discuss for today. Hopefully, it helps clear the air with what’s been going on and the direction we’re heading in. We're looking forward to a fun ARK launch with everyone in the weeks ahead! All the best, Studio Wildcard View the full article
  15. A hotfix is out! Make sure you restart your clients and make sure you have the latest update. Patch Notes Fixed an issue with MaxPingAllowed You can no longer build while climbing You now enter 3rd person view when climbing Several server optimizations related to placeables and buildings Fixed a case where the avatar defense dome would disappear on server restart View the full article
  16. Commodities Chaos START TRANSMISSION: Welcome to another episode of Kaizen. My name’s Aaron Schere, and my goal is to guide you to financial solvency. On today’s show, we’ll be joined by Sasha Bart from the New United to discuss the current economic landscape, which has been volatile since the passing of the Human-Xi’an Trade Initiative last month. Hang tight for her thoughts on what’s going on. But, before that, let’s do a quick Market Breakdown. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Neither Schere, Kaizen nor Farnes Media Partners guarantees any specific outcome or profit. Before acting on information in this program, you should strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment adviser. Let’s start with the DevCo Group. CEO Terrence Naban continues to turn heads with his aggressive acquisition of distressed securities. This week, the investment group made waves by acquiring a majority stake in Titus Tools, the failing construction equipment manufacturer. Naban assuaged concerns that mass layoffs were imminent at their Selene-based production facilities by promising the company would operate normally until DevCo completed a thorough review of the enterprise. Still, he stopped short of making any promises about what would happen once their review was done. Titus Tools joins a growing list of distressed companies that DevCo Group has acquired over the past few years. In particular, Naban seems to covet companies with prominent Empire-wide name recognition, seeing them as cheaper to relaunch with a streamlined marketing strategy. This was made apparent when DevCo Group partnered with numerous independent investors to purchase the Tumbril brand, which had been dormant since 2862. Now, with Titus Tools, it looks like Naban seems willing to continue testing this theory. Next, Storm Securities is in hot water once again. The Advocacy raided their corporate headquarters in New Junction, with a warrant relating to Maurice Vano, the failed assassin who made an attempt on Imperator Costigan’s life in May. Shortly after the raid, a report by the Terra Gazette alleged that Storm Securities over the previous few months had made several payments to a shell company owned by Vano. A statement released by Storm Securities said the payments were solely for “contract security services provided.” The company also claimed that it would be improper to elaborate on the matter due to the ongoing investigation and out of respect for the privacy of their clients. The statement did go on to strongly condemn the actions taken by Vano and vehemently deny any foreknowledge of them. Now, it’s time to switch gears. Here to discuss the current state of the UEE economy is our old friend, Sasha Bart. She’s been an economic correspondent for the New United for years and is a frequent guest on this show. As always, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Sasha Bart: Thanks for having me back. A lot has happened since you were last on the show. Besides the absolutely shocking attempt on Imperator Costigan’s life, the other big story has been the Senate narrowly passing the Human-Xi’an Trade Initiative. How has HuXa, as it’s commonly called, affected the current economic landscape? Sasha Bart: It’s shaken things up, that’s for sure. This is the largest trade deal passed in my lifetime, and it’s been fascinating to see it turn from a topic of debate among economists and scholars into a reality. What’s that reality looking like? Sasha Bart: Across the board, there’s been a noticeable spike in traffic passing through UEE systems connected to the Xi’an Empire. Most systems were prepared for the influx, but long lines still plague the Baker System. Some shipping concerns are recommending that their haulers avoid Baker, if at all possible, until the situation improves. How likely is it that things will improve anytime soon in Baker? Certain aspects of HuXa aren’t even in place yet, with many provisions being phased in over the next few months. I feel like traffic through the system will only increase as those come online. Sasha Bart: There’s been rumblings in the Senate about providing extra funding for Baker’s Customs Bureau, but it appears unlikely to happen anytime soon. Many Senators that opposed HuXa are refusing to even bring the matter up for debate, claiming that it’s illogical to discuss providing additional funds to an initiative that still isn’t fully implemented. Complicating matters, the budget is already stretched thin with the war against the Vanduul, Synthworld construction and the Empire’s many other financial responsibilities. I get the sense that right now it’ll be hard for anything HuXa related to receive further funding until it proves it can generate revenue to offset the cost. So, the Baker System and haulers caught in long customs lines are struggling to deal with HuXa. Who’s benefiting from it? Sasha Bart: Here’s an interesting one — the Bevic Group. The food and drink conglomerate? Sasha Bart: That’s right. This is one of those things I never would’ve expected, but makes complete sense. With the influx of Human haulers into Xi’an space, there’s also an increased demand for food that’s … well, not completely foreign to the Human palate. I spoke with a representative for Bevic Group the other day, who seemed just as surprised as me by this turn of events. Their business relationship with the Xi’an-owned Jysho Corporation has certainly paid off, as they are now providing food and drink vending machines to CTR stations all across the Xi’an Empire. The Jysho Corporation apparently wants a diverse range of Human food at all their CTR Stations to attract business from Human haulers on the other side of the border. It makes a lot of sense for CTR to provide similar services and amenities no matter which Empire they’re in. Sasha Bart: Absolutely. Now, let’s pivot to your latest column for the New United, which was titled “Commodities Chaos.” Anyone who’s been watching the commodities markets knows that their prices have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. You did some digging around on this. What’s happening? Sasha Bart: Two words — rampant speculation. HuXa required the establishment of a special TDD commodities commission that would be staffed by both Human and Xi’an economists. Its purpose is to ensure, among many other things, that commodities dumping doesn’t occur. The last thing the UEE wants is for, say, cheap Xi’an metals to completely undercut and cripple the industry here, or vice-versa. According to your article, the uncertainty of when this will all happen and how it’ll subsequently affect commodity prices are what’s fueling all this recent speculation. Sasha Bart: Precisely. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen, but everyone is hoping to exploit these arbitrage opportunities. For example, I highlighted this in my article by profiling two investors with large stakes in praseodymium. One of the investors is absolutely convinced, after conducting extensive research, that the price of praseodymium will plummet once HuXa is fully implemented. Meanwhile, Yussef, the other investor, firmly believes the price will skyrocket. Both are convinced that they’re right, and have strong arguments to back their claims. It’s convictions like these that are driving the speculation across various commodities. We need to take a quick commercial break, but don’t go anywhere. Sasha Bart for the New United will be back with us to discuss how the mining industry is preparing itself for increased competition from Xi’an markets. That and more when Kaizen returns. View the full article
  17. Vertiigo role-playing, real-world Rusting, an in-game museum, art, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] View the full article
  18. Greetings Citizens Greetings Citizens, I spent the last week in our Austin, TX studio meeting with Lead Community Manager Tyler Witkin and the Player Relations team to flesh out the remainder of the year and continue to plan for Gamescom and CitizenCon. I’m looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on really soon! With that, let’s take a look at this week. Today, the newest episode of Citizens of the Stars is out now! This week, Myre takes to the Citizen Spotlight to talk about his stream, and Austin devops engineer Keegan Standifer gets the call to answer Quantum Questions. On Tuesday, the Lore Team gives us another rich and interesting look at the history in Star Citizen. Every week is something new from the story of Star Citizen. I can’t wait to learn more about this rich and in-depth universe. Then on Wednesday, the Lore Team is back with another deep dive into the history of one of the many systems in the Star Citizen universe in “Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” What system will we jump to this week? You’ll have to wait and see here. On Thursday, Around the Verse returns with an update from Brian Chambers and the Foundry 42 Frankfurt office. I’m eager to learn what his team has been working on since the last update. On Friday, our newest concept sale for the Cyclone begins! We haven’t been sharing much information with you guys about this one, and it’s been really hard not to leak any images or details but we think you guys will really fall in love. That’s all for this week, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse! Tyler “AdmiralSloth” Nolin Community Manager The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, JULY 17TH, 2017 Citizens of the Stars (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) TUESDAY, JULY 18TH, 2017 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, JULY 19TH, 2017 Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) THURSDAY, JULY 20TH, 2017 Around the Verse - Foundry 42 Frankfurt Update (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) FRIDAY, JULY 21ST, 2017 RSI Newsletter Vault Update Cyclone Concept Sale Community Spotlight: July 17TH, 2017 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! Constellation Adventures Echo6207 took some screenshots from Southern Cross Alliance’s Constellation Event Day, and they are kinda crazy. Sad I missed out on the fun, but any Connie fans will want to check out the pictures! Community Hub post here Death of a Spaceship Gradashy was inspired by one of our recent Around the Verse episodes and made his own featurette using previous video features from our YouTube channel. Nicely done! Community Hub post here In Memory of Kareah w4rb0t and his org made a great tribute about all the fun they’ve had in the past few months while hanging around Security Post Kareah. Community Hub post here View the full article
  19. Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star Citizen is only possible because of the community. Citizens of the Stars not only highlights these contributions, but also puts a dev in the hotseat for a round of Quantum Questions, which addresses some fun facts about the dev and game. This week on Citizen Spotlight, Myre talks streaming Star Citizen on Twitch. Plus, DevOps Engineer Keegan Standifer pops in for another round of Quantum Questions. Remember, many of the questions used are taken from our Star Citizen Subscribers in this thread here. Don’t forget to add yours for inclusion in future episodes, vote for the ones you want to see answered, and remember to keep them short and concise if you want your best chance of having them answered in under two minutes. The links for this week’s content are below: CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT Myre_TEST TOP 5: Crusader Sunrise Screenshots Virginia / DC Bar Citizen Constellation Adventures Nox Renders MVP: Star Marine: Tips and Tricks! View the full article
  20. Just six weeks ago, we were celebrating the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 3 world champions, Northern Gaming (Remkoe, Deevo and Turbopolsa) at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. As always with the RLCS, we want to keep pushing the bar higher with each new season, and both Psyonix and Twitch have heard the major points of feedback from the community. Now, as the new season approaches, we’re here to go over some of the changes YOU wanted to see for RLCS Season 4. (Be sure to head over to http://rlcs.gg/news/rlcs-season-4-update for the full detailed breakdown.) A New Rival Approaches As a continued goal to promote stability across Rocket League Esports, we’ve introduced a new secondary league to the RLCS known as the Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). The RLRS will take the top 8 teams that did not qualify for the RLCS from the NA and EU RLCS Play-In, and give them a league to compete in alongside the RLCS. The RLRS will play out over the course of five weeks in a round robin best-of-five format. Both the North American and European RLRS matches will be broadcast on Fridays at https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague. After RLRS League Play concludes, the top two teams will move onto the Promotion/Relegation series against the 7th and 8th place RLCS teams to fight for their spot in the RLCS. The top two teams from the Promotion/Relegation tournament will earn spots in the next RLCS Season. Community-Powered Open Qualifiers The Open Qualifiers will take place over the course of four different online tournaments (see below for the full schedule), and we’ve selected four community tournament organizers to help run each event. Minor League Doubles, Nexus Gaming, Pro Rivalry League and Shift Pro League will help bring even more qualifiers for the whole community to play in this summer. Be sure to sign up on July 24 when registration opens, and keep in mind you can only play in two qualifiers with your team, so be sure to choose wisely! How to Play and Important Dates Registration for the Open Qualifiers begins on July 24th and closes on August 8th. Each qualifier will take the top 32 teams from each region into the RLCS Play-In, where 128 teams from each region will battle for 6 spots in the RLCS and 8 spots in the RLRS. SIGN UP LINK[www.smash.gg] North America Qualifier DatesAugust 12 August 19 August 22 August 26 Europe Qualifier Dates August 13 August 20 August 23 August 27 Oceania Registration Opens July 31 Open Qualifiers August 27 September 3 RLCS RLCS Play-In North America - September 2 Europe - September 3 League Play Start North America - September 9 Europe - September 10 League Play Start North America - October 7 Europe - October 8 Regional Championship North America - October 14 Europe - October 15 RLRS League Play Start (North America and Europe) September 8 League Play End (North America and Europe) October 6 RLCS/RLRS Promotion Relegation North America - October 28 Europe - October 29 Looking Ahead to Season 4 We’ll have more details and updates on RLCS Season 4 soon, so be on the lookout for further info on prize pool, the RLRS, and the RLCS World Championship location and dates. Be sure to follow @RLCS and @RocketLeague on Twitter for future updates on the league. With the RLCS Season 3 breaking all of our records and expectations we can’t say THANK YOU enough to our fans and community around Rocket League Esports. We’re excited to get the ball rolling on Season 4 and we’ll see everyone back on the pitch this summer. View the full article
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  22. Jared Huckaby sits down with designers Will Maiden and Gareth Bourn from Foundry 42 UK to discuss Cargo and other game systems coming in Alpha 3.0. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  23. Derelict ships are the star of this week’s episode. Learn all about how we’re designing a diverse set of shipwrecks. Sandi Gardiner and Chris Smith host the show, while Eric Kieron Davis provides an update from our LA studio. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  24. BUG FIXES General Casual Matches will no longer cancel if the server does not have enough players. Bots will once again fill slots for missing players The “Find Match” button on the Matchmaking menu can now be selected/highlighted, allowing you to search for a match by pressing A (Xbox) or Cross (PS4) when the button is selected Further optimized Supersonic Trails that were causing performance issues on some hardware Fixed a bug with Quick Chat that caused players to automatically say “Great Pass!” or other options instead of being able to select an intended chat option Fixed a bug where typing in Party Chat in the Main Menu would skip songs in the selected Playlist Reverted a change that caused Controller Vibration to be weaker since the Anniversary update The “Hide Competitive Divisions” option will now work correctly with the new Find Match menu Corrected a suspension issue with the Batmobile and Mantis that caused them to be more visually elevated than pre-Anniversary Update Fixed issues with the grass on Champions Field on Low and Medium Graphics settings Fixed a bug with Spectator cameras focusing on the center of the field after a goal is scored Fixed issue where an item’s quality was not being verified during a trade Reduced Car Engine volume relative to other sounds and made distant cars less audible Corrected timing on Champions Field Announcer narration View the full article
  25. First look at the Bradley APC, further face variations, optimizations, AI, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] New feedback system Optimization pass across environment art Rock collectibles are larger Improved main menu loading time Improved skinnable warmup time Updated asset bundle splits Retired some unused physics and rendering layers Disabled the 2 east lifts in launch_site [Temporary] Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate colliders Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate shadow casting proxy meshe New barrel gib and impact sounds Sound mix tweaks Fixed some item skins being forced into the main content asset bundle Fixed water showing on launch site underground gate View the full article
  26. Hi Squaddies, The time has come to hit the streets of Narva! Alpha 9.6 is upon us, and a new map isn't the only thing in store for you! Are you locked and loaded? Aww, yeah, that's right: squad locking makes its debut in this patch. Not only can you fortify your squad, Riflemen are now capable of deploying sandbags. Everyone else is capable of destroying them... and maybe a few other deployables too. Dig in! Version 9.6 is now available via Steam. Please always reset your appdata in the game settings on every new build! Full Changelog Gameplay Vehicle claiming can now be done with only 1 person around the vehicle, as long as there are enough people in the squad. This is especially relevant for remote claiming, as players no longer need to send back two people to grab that empty logistics truck that saves your team. Squad now get a vehicle claim unlock at 2/4/6/8 squad members. This combined with the above allows players to make more dedicated vehicle squads. Please make sure you remember to transport the rest of the team with all those APCs! Changed round start-up timers to 3 minutes of preparation time (previously 2 minutes) to help squads get formed and Squad Leaders coordinate before round start. Resupplying or requesting kits from an ammo crate now expends ammo resources from the FOB depending on the kit requested/resupplied. All kits cost 25 ammo points to request or resupply (regardless of missing equipment -- do not spam it unless you need it). Exceptions are as follows: UGL, Raider, and Scout cost 50 to resupply. Light Anti-Tank costs 75 to resupply, and Heavy Anti-Tank costs 100 to resupply. Deployables are now able to be damaged by weapons and thus destroyable. Boom! Sandbags are able to be damaged by all explosives as well as 14.5mm and above. HESCO based deployables are only currently destroyable by the IED. This includes US and RUS MG bunkers made out of HESCO. Ammo boxes are quite fragile and vulnerable to most things besides small arms. HABs from all factions are only currently damageable by IEDs as well as mortars, but only through heavy bombardment of mortars. Useful for disabling spawns from afar. Radios are now damageable by a few select ranged weapons. No ranged weapon is able to quickly destroy the radio avatar of the FOB, but they can hurt it through prolonged fire, thus making it vulnerable if exposed. It is currently vulnerable to the weapons you would use against armored vehicles, HEAT rounds, HMGs, cannons, big explosions, and mortars. Taking down a FOB is still a team effort! Furthermore, Radios now have damage stages so you can keep track of destruction from ranged weapons. You can use your shovels to heal it back up again. Emplaced weapons can also be damaged now. Similar to radios, this will require the type of weapons you normally employ against vehicles. Vehicle repair stations are similarly vulnerable to anti-vehicle weaponry. Razorwire is only destroyable by explosive weapons. Riflemen finally get something the other classes do not! The ability to deploy a single line of sandbags to lightly fortify temporary positions. Each Rifleman can only ever deploy one set of sandbags. (The old one will disappear, similar to IEDs.) Sandbags are still buildable in unlimited numbers by your SL at a FOB. This applies for all Riflemen classes with iron sights and red dot sights. FOBs no longer passively generate ammo or construction points. Please keep your logistics trucks safe and be sure to give lots of love to the brave drivers! A freshly deployed FOB still starts with 100 ammo points and 200 construction points. All armored vehicles no longer take splash damage from Heat-Lance type weapons (RPG-7 HEAT, RPG-7 Tandem HEAT, SPG-9 HEAT, RKG-3, M72 LAW, 40mm HEDP). This means that you need to hit a direct hit on the vehicle to damage it. Up until now, hitting the ground next to a vehicle did a significant amount of damage to it - time to make those rockets count! Unarmored vehicles such as trucks and technicals still take splash shrapnel damage from these weapons, but significantly less than from a direct hit. Ammo crates now cost 200 construction points (was 300). TIP: This allows quick rearms in the field for a few soldiers in critical need of bandages or ammo. Left unsupplied, this FOB will not generate any new points, so think about taking the FOB again afterwards to blocking the team or giving away the FOB and associated tickets. The bare M2A1 Browning and NSV Tripods are now 250 construction points (was 350). Their bunker counterparts are now 450 points (was 500). The Dshk emplacement is now 200 points (was 350). TIP: This will enable you to deploy it off of a fresh FOB, but please be cognizant that left unsupplied ,it will only have a limited amount of ammo as well as attract enemies to its location. Remember to take down the FOB when you do these hit and run tactics. Unarmed HESCO bunker has been reduced by 50 construction points. Militia sandbag bunker reduced to 150 construction points (was 350). Ladders reduced to 100 construction points (was 200). Vehicle Repair Stations have been reduced to 1 per FOB. SPG-9 is now limited to 3 per FOB (was previously limited to 2). Added a HESCO equivalent fortification for Insurgents and Militia in the form of a line of empty oil barrels filled with dirt and gravel. Costs 200 construction points and limited to 6 per FOB. Added another magazine to the M110, also brought up the SVD to have the same number of total rounds as the M110. Slightly lowered the G3A3/G3A4's felt recoil. Lowered sway motion on all binocs. Added "mercy bleed" to last flags on AAS. Added additional logistic trucks on medium to large maps that only had one logistics truck. Additional motorbikes have been added to the expanded Al Basrah map. Additionally, some motorbikes are now permanent recurring spawns. Effects When throwing a smoke grenade there is a tiny delay before it starts emitting smoke. This means that it no longer marks your exact location as a target when it should be obscuring it. UI The wait is over! It is now possible to lock squads. We urge veteran players to not lock themselves away from the community at large, especially during times of influx. You can no longer join a locked squad, and trying to join a full or locked squad will now return you to the role select screen. New Spawn selection list next to the map, which lists all the possible spawns and allows players to easily identify where to spawn. New Player Stance and Vehicle Engine indicator icons, that show what stance your character is adopting (standing, crouching or prone, as well as which way you are leaning), and if you are in a vehicle the indicator would also show whether or not your engine is on. Mapping Narva! AAS v1, Invasion v1, and PAAS v1 have been added. Experimental: Invasion v1 has been updated. Defenders can no longer capture flags taken by BLUFOR. Experimental: Due to "mercy bleed" on last flags, additional "end match" flags have been added to the ends of the PAAS lattice. Al Basrah Update All gameplay layers have been changed to new layouts. Experimental: Invasion v1 has been updated. Defenders can no longer capture flags taken by BLUFOR. Additional motorbikes have been added to the expanded Al Basrah map. Additionally, some motorbikes are now permanent recurring spawns. Added "mercy bleed" to last flags on AAS. Added additional logistic trucks on medium to large maps that only had one logistics truck. Removed cardinal directions from Yehorivka flag names. Attack and Defend markers have been removed on Invasion layers to reduce confusion on the Experimental Invasion layers for Al Basrah and Narva. If we decide to move forward with the new Invasion mechanic, additional work will need to be done to code in new attack/defend functionality specifically for Invasion layers. Bug Fixes & Optimizations Fixed an issue where the shield on the Dshk machine guns didnt stop bullets. They now stop small arms again, and offer limited protection against heavy calibers. Fixed an issue where all unarmored vehicles were not behaving as intended. They now offer limited protection against small arms for the driver and any other occupants fully enclosed inside the vehicle. You can still shoot out the infantry in there but they will be a bit more resistant to small arms fire. Fixed an issue where the M939 truck was almost bullet proof to small arms fire. Fixed several lean issues on Gorodok Invasion v1. Fixed a lean issue on flag Papanov in Fools Road AAS v3. Fixed RCON bug with Listplayers command Have fun storming the castle! Offworld Out. View the full article
  27. In this super-sized episode, Mark Abent battles a bug that makes placing cargo impossible when entering a vehicle from a different coordinate system. Will this be the bug that gets the best of him? View the full article
  28. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Rocket League champion? Players of all skill levels will have the chance to prove it this summer and register for the Universal Open Rocket League, an all-new 2v2 Rocket League tournament put on in partnership with NBC and FACEIT. Xbox One and PC players in the U.S., ages 13 and older, will get to compete for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool, and a chance to appear on television to prove who is the best 2v2 duo in Rocket League. US registration is now open on FACEIT[fce.gg], and we’ve got all the details for players looking to compete! European players, we will have more information to come soon about the European Open Qualifiers. We’ll be finding the four best European teams to bring to The Grand Finals in Santa Ana, California, so stay tuned for more information on sign-up dates! THE FORMAT STAGE 1 - QUALIFIERSThe Qualifier stage has two types of events, Regional Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers, all of which will be played online on FACEIT. Regional Qualifiers will lead to a chance of playing in a live in-studio broadcast at select NBC studios in the next stage. The Open Qualifiers are for players who want a chance to make the Grand Finals without traveling to an in-studio Regional event. Players in the U.S. can sign up for any of the Qualifiers, but is it suggested to sign up for a Qualifier near your geographic location. Official match times will be messaged out once your team has signed up for a Qualifier. Keep in mind teams and players can only participate in one qualifier. Once you’ve participated in either a Regional Qualifier or an Open Qualifier you cannot play in a second event. So choose wisely! REGIONAL QUALIFIER DATES Philadelphia QualifierTuesday, July 18 Top 4 Qualify for East Regional Mid-Atlantic QualifierThursday July 20 Top 4 Qualify for East Regional New York Qualifier Tuesday July 25 Top 4 Qualify for Northeast Regional New England QualifierTuesday July 25 Top 4 Qualify for Northeast Regional Chicago QualifierWednesday July 26 Top 8 Qualify for Midwest Regional Northwest Qualifier Thursday July 27 Top 4 Qualify for West Regional Bay Area Qualifier Thursday July 27 Top 4 Qualify for West Regional OPEN QUALIFIER DATES US Open Qualifier Wednesday July 19 Top 8 qualify for the US Open Regional STAGE 2 - REGIONALSThis stage is split up into two types of events, Regionals and Online Regionals. The Online Regional will take the best teams from the Open Qualifier to the pitch online to find who has what it takes to qualify for the Grand Finals. The Regionals will play out on a live TV broadcast and have teams play live from one of four studio locations in the U.S. to find out who has what it takes to earn their trip to sunny California. These will be held in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. One thing to keep in mind is each team that goes through the Regional Qualifier route will need to cover their travel costs to the Regionals in-studio, so make sure you choose one close to where you live! ONLINE REGIONALS US Open RegionalFriday July 28 Top 4 Qualify for The Grand Finals REGIONALS (TV BROADCAST / IN-STUDIO) East Regional (Philadelphia)Saturday August 5 TCN Studios Top 2 teams qualify for the Grand Final Northeast Regional (New York City)Sunday August 6 SNY Studios Top 2 teams qualify for the Grand Final Midwest Regional (Chicago)Saturday August 12 CSN Chicago Top 2 teams qualify for the Grand Final West Regional (San Francisco)Sunday August 13 NBC Sports Bay Area Top 2 teams qualify for the Grand Final STAGE 3 - THE GRAND FINALSIt all comes down to this. 16 of the best 2v2 teams from around the world will face off live at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California, to see who will walk away as the Universal Open Rocket League Champions. Taking place August 26-27, not only will the event be broadcast live on TV (on NBCSN in the US, & Syfy in the UK, Germany, Australia and multiple Latin American countries) but fans can buy tickets to be a part of the action live at the Esports Arena. More information on ticket sales, broadcast times and prize pool information will be announced soon. LOOKING TO THE FINALS AND FAQAnd with that it’s time to start the search for the best 2v2 teams in the Rocket League community. Be sure to register today[fce.gg] to start your journey for a chance at the $100,000 prize pool in the Universal Open Rocket League. The Summer of Rocket League Esports just keeps on rollin’ so be sure to stay tuned for more information as the event draws closer! GENERAL FAQ Where do I sign up to play?You can register to play on the Universal Open Organizer Page on the FACEIT platform. Click here[fce.gg] to browse the tournaments and make sure to select the right one! Note: Both players on the team must sign up on Faceit.com in order to compete. How old do I have to be to compete?All participants in the U.S. must be 13 years of age or older. How much does it cost to participate?Nothing! There is no entry fee for this tournament, though players must own Rocket League to participate. What consoles can I play on?Players on PC and Xbox One can compete in the 2v2 Universal Open Rocket League. Can teams have substitutes?Substitutes will not be allowed in this tournament as teams consist of two players. If I don’t have a 2v2 partner can I still compete?Of course! The sign-up page on Faceit.com is equipped with a pairing tool to match you with another single player. Do we need a team name?Yes! Be creative but make sure your name isn’t offensive to anyone. What is the tournament structure?The tournament has 3 parts: Qualifiers, Regionals and Grand Finals. The Qualifiers are open to everyone ages 13 and up in the U.S. and will be played wholly online at Faceit.com. The Regionals will be played in-studio at NBC Sports studios for those who qualify through U.S. Regional Qualifiers, or online on Faceit.com for those who qualify through the U.S. Open Qualifier. The Grand Finals will be a 2-day live event held at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California. What if one player lives in the U.S. and the other player lives outside the U.S.?Teammates must both live in the U.S. for the U.S. based competitions and must both live in Europe for the European Open competition. So make sure to select the right region on the FACEIT Platform when registering the accounts and game! QUALIFIERS FAQ What is the format for the Qualifiers?Single elimination. Best of 3 games. What is the qualification route to the Grand Finals for my region? East Regional in PhiladelphiaTop four teams from the Philadelphia & Mid-Atlantic Qualifiers Northeast Regional in New York CityThe top four teams from the New York & New England Qualifiers Midwest Regional in Chicago.The top eight teams from the Chicago Qualifier West Regional in San Francisco. The top four teams from the Bay Area & Northwest Qualifiers What’s the difference between U.S. Regional Qualifiers and the U.S. Open Qualifiers?The U.S. Regional Qualifiers move from an online competition via Faceit.com to an in-studio competition. The Regionals will be streamed and televised and two teams from each of the four Regionals will move on to the Grand Finals. The U.S. Open Qualifier is online only for both the Qualifiers and Regionals. There is no in-studio competition or media for either of these stages - both will be played wholly on the Faceit.com platform. What date will my Qualifier be played?The complete dates for the Qualifiers are as follows: Philadelphia QualifierTuesday, July 18 U.S. Open Qualifier Wednesday, July 19 Mid-Atlantic QualifierThursday, July 20 New York QualifierTuesday, July 25 New England QualifierTuesday, July 25 Chicago QualifierWednesday, July 26 Northwest QualifierThursday, July 2 Bay Area QualifierThursday, July 27 Where can I watch the Qualifiers?The Qualifiers will not be officially livestreamed, but competitors are encouraged to stream on Twitch or Youtube during the Qualifiers. What happens if we win our Regional Qualifier?Congratulations! You have now made it through to the Regionals hosted at NBC’s local sports studios, you should keep the below dates in mind when entering the tournament as these finals dates are fixed. What if one player lives in the city of a Regional Qualifier but the other partner lives in another city of a Regional Qualifier?The Regional Qualifiers are 100% open to anyone in the U.S. above the age of 13. So as long as you and your partner live in the U.S., you can join any Regional Qualifier. One thing to remember is that teams who enter a Regional Qualifier, finish in the Top 4 and qualify for the Regional Finals, have to physically make it to the Regional Finals so it's best to choose the closest one to where you live. REGIONALS FAQ What is the format of the Regionals?Single elimination. Quarter Finals, Best of 3 games. Semi Finals and Grand Final, Best of 5 games. When and where are the Regionals? U.S. Open Regional Friday, July 28 Online Only - Faceit.com East RegionalSaturday, August 5 Philadelphia, PA Northeast Regional Sunday, August 6 New York, NY Midwest RegionalSaturday August 12 Chicago, IL West RegionalSunday August 13 San Francisco, CA Can I attend the Regional Finals?Unfortunately the studios are not equipped for an audience. Competitors can, however, have a friend or family member accompany them to the competition. GRAND FINALS FAQ If we win our Regional Finals what happens?You and your team will be flown out to Santa Ana, CA flights and accommodation will be paid for from August 25-27. When and where are the Grand Finals?The Grand Finals will be at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27. What is the format of the Grand Finals?The Grand Finals will be a Double Elimination. Matches will be played as Best of 3, 5 and 7. Can I attend the Grand Finals?Yes! Tickets will be announced in the near future. View the full article
  29. The Best Mistake Today’s Discovered pulls an excerpt from the Imperial Cartography Center archives to share a story from the fledgling days of the organization (when it was still known as the Government Cartography Agency.) We’ll hear firsthand from expedition leader Seline Novikov on the mysteries uncovered during the initial charting of Hades II. BEGIN RECORDS: 2534.07.11_02:27 SET After eighty-five hours of silence, I finally got word from the home office. Turns out there’s a reason the comm drones have been so spotty. Seems the initial jump charts aren’t proving as stable as first thought. Real comforting to hear that after you’ve already gone through, right? Donovan’s attempting to rechart a more secure path, but it’s going to take time. We should be fine with limited communications and we definitely have enough supplies to last till they can get a shipment through — even if there might be a few complaints about having to eat nothing but heat-em-ups for the last week or so. No, our biggest problem is that we won’t get the extra equipment we need to start doing the detailed surface scans of the third and second planet. Not quite the start I was hoping for my first time as lead. Out of curiosity, I had Jans rig up two of our normal scan-packages with some extra environmental protections to see if we could get any worthwhile information while we waited. However, the package dropped onto world two got clogged within a few minutes and stopped broadcasting, and the world three package didn’t even make it to the surface. Guess we’ll have to leave the reports as “ash” and “craters” respectively for now. It’s going to put the resource analysis way behind schedule, but I’m hoping the brass will understand. On the brighter side, until the jump gets sorted, we will have a legitimate excuse to focus significant additional resources on the data returns from the split world. Who knows, maybe before any of the other teams arrive we’ll be able to figure out what caused the fourth planet to break in half. 2534.07.13_22.44 SET Jans just nearly took my hatch off its hinges trying to wake me up. I was going to start yelling about bothering me off-shift, when I saw the datapad that he was excitedly shoving in my face. The world two probe had survived. It’s a weak signal, but it’s there. The best theory that we’ve put together is that the atmospheric ash has traces of kherium in it and as the storm moves, it disrupts the broadcast signal. We didn’t get much this time before the ash bank blocked the signal again, but the weather forecast shows that we might have another break in about four hours. 2534.07.14_07:03 SET I’m absolutely exhausted, but am still too wired to sleep. The forecast was right and we were able to get another burst of data before the window closed again. When we took a quick glance through the packet, Gibson pointed out that what we had initially taken for land deformations in the orbital scans actually had a pattern to them. Fast forward through three hours of intense arguing and analysis, and Gibs had convinced all of us — they’re not naturally occurring. Which means whatever’s down there is probably manmade. Well, not “man” made. I mean, unless we found where the Artemis crashed, we’re potentially talking about a sapient xeno-species. Jans wanted to pull together a team to go down and have a look, but no way we’re cleared for that. I pointed out that we’ve been listening since we got here and haven’t heard a single peep from the surface, so if anything is down there, they don’t exactly seem eager to talk. Plus, after what happened with the Xi’an aliens, I’m pretty sure we’d not only lose our jobs, but possibly be jailed for making unauthorized first contact. Both Gibson and Jans gave impassioned speeches about how this was our once-in-a-lifetime chance to make history. Even Lace said that we should go, and Lace won’t even listen to music on shift because it’s against policy. I held firm. As much as I want to go check out what’s down there, our job is data analysis. Maybe once the surface team arrives and has a chance to do a full sec by sec, we’ll get the green light to check it out ourselves. 2534.07.14_07:37 SET I’ve been looking at the scans. The pattern creates almost a network. You can start to see hubs and branches that connect and spin off. I wonder if they’re some sort of mine? Perhaps they’re a massive earthworks project that’s used for transportation? Agriculture? To be honest they remind me of how our town was arranged around the initial colony outpost at its hub, but if this is a settlement or a city of some kind then — I really need to stop sitting here speculating. It’s not getting me anywhere and I’m sure once someone goes down there they can figure it out. Not that it will be easy. You park anything down there for too long without the right shield and you can basically kiss it goodbye. You would probably have to set up — And there I go again. Okay, I’m gonna grab a can of coffee and see where we are with the drone launch for this afternoon. 2534.07.14_07:41 SET I just realized that the surface team will need to really hurry when they arrive to try to preserve anything at risk. I mean, imagine finding out that we missed being able to study important alien artifacts because the caustic atmosphere got to it before we could. It’s probably not a huge risk. Who knows? Maybe it’s all been there for centuries. But on the other hand, maybe there’s a clock counting down and we just don’t know it yet. Hopefully, the jump point will open soon. 2534.07.14_08:16 SET Screw it. We’re going to go take a look. What’s the point of exploring the unknown if you don’t actually go explore the unknown? 2534.17.16_19:12 SET Definitely not first contact. It was like we had accidentally wandered into some forgotten pit of hell. Ash everywhere. Everything in ruins. Nothing alive. We had waited for another break in the storm, and set down near the package drop site. Jans had hoped to be able to do some maintenance on the scanner before we left. We knew at most we’d have three or four hours down there. Our suits’ oxygen wasn’t the problem, it was the corrosive ash. Stepping out of the shuttle, we had almost no visibility through the dense atmosphere. Our lights penetrated only a few meters before they were swallowed by the darkness. It didn’t help that our comm range was a tenth of what it should be thanks to residual kherium. We tied a lifeline to make sure no one got lost, and set an excruciatingly slow pace. Even with those constraints, we came upon signs of life almost immediately, but not any life itself. The surface was terribly scarred, seemingly torn apart by impact, but there was no mistaking the manufactured fragments that were littered throughout the debris. Initial scans of the pieces came up with question marks. We collected samples where we could. I found a smooth piece slightly bigger than my hand that had a peculiar non-repeating pattern etched into it. I stared at it the whole ride back and I couldn’t tell you if it’s some language, an intricate aesthetic design, a natural feature of the strange material or some combination of the three. It was Lace who found the first intact entrance. The structure lead deep underground, but it had collapsed in on itself almost entirely. Standing there looking around at the size of the archway and the dimensions of the architecture made me feel like an alien for the first time in my life. It was clear that this was a world where Humans didn’t belong. We were debating if we should proceed farther when Jans sprang a leak in his suit. We had to quickly reseal it and even with the patch in place and holding, we hurried back as fast as we could. It looked like enough things had died on that world without Jans needing to join them. As I sit here, my head is spinning trying to process everything we saw. One question, though, keeps returning — how soon can we go back? END OF RECORDS Seline Novikov, one of the first Humans to ever step foot inside a Hadesian ruin, was removed as expedition leader a week later when the jump point re-charting was finished and the GCA received word of the unauthorized landing party. When asked if the decision to go down to the planet was a mistake, Seline replied, “Oh, yeah. Best one I ever made, too.” View the full article
  30. The best worst motel in Rust, some lovely art, cosplay, and more.[rust.facepunch.com] View the full article
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