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      New Website   01/06/17

      If you are seeing this, then you have made it to the new website of Oceanic Gaming!! We have ported across old content from our previous forum that still has some relevance. We will be working over the next few days to continue building our new forums. Enjoy! Maverick
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      Blackwake Servers UP   02/27/17

      Our Blackwake servers are now operational. See you guys on the high seas!
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      Oceanic News [March 2017]   02/28/17

      Hello! Well! A lot has happened so far, in 2017!! Click here to see the full post...
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      Blackwake competition winner!   03/02/17

      The winner of our blackwake competition has been announced! Well done to Bella Lewis. PM your steam details to me at your earliest convenience. Enjoy your copy of Blackwake and we hope to be sailing with you soon!
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      We're on Twitch!   03/07/17

      We're now broadcasting via Twitch! A few of the community members will be getting together each Sunday to host Sh*tFaced Sundays! Grab a tasty beverage and watch us play some of our favorite games. Follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/oceanicgamingnetwork

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  3. XP gather rate hasn't changed - gather rate was dropped from 2.0 to 1.9 to reduce the overpower that avatars have in the game.
  4. On one hand i find nights annoying as they're a tad too dark and ambient light is far too weak (even the full moon barely illuminates anything). On the other, i think making it super short takes away from how good the game looks at night and how nice a properly lit base can look. If only the light radiuses were a tad higher.
  5. Any chance of upping the XP rate? I found the gather rate when i first started playing on the server (i think it was 3x?) meant that collecting materials was pretty much a mindless exercise- you'd collect so much that it felt like it took away from the building aspect of the game and as you say, people were making MASSIVE buildings because they could easily. I'd prefer to see gathering around the 2x mark so it's not painful like 1x, but up the xp rate to 3x or something. The levelling process is enjoyable to a degree, but with wipes and the like, people like me and im guessing others just cant spend the time grinding back up there again. I'd personally rather see the server wiped semi frequently (like every few months) but with an XP rate that helps you get back up there in levels and to the 'good stuff' again rather than the painfully slow process of getting back up there when you dont have bags of time.
  6. Sorry - I had to outline that with a higher gather rate I would be looking at conducting server wipes more regularly. to keep the server clean and stable.
  7. gather rate poll is actually server wipe poll ??
  8. Ok fair enough. With the XP rate that it's at, im not sure i have it in me to start again.
  9. It was 40 days ago! light a torch! https://oceanicgaming.com.au/forums/topic/1883-shorten-night-time-poll/ Again 75% of the average max players for the past 7 days need to vote in favor of a change!
  10. Adjustments were made to the server in preparation for the latest patch. However the request has been made to up the gather rate to up to as high as 5 x. We have covered off on xp and gather rates in the past - here is the history of the server settings back in July: https://oceanicgaming.com.au/forums/topic/1703-proposed-change-to-ogn-conan-exiles-server-settings-22-jul-17/ From those settings the server sat pretty in the top 20 for three months, with players constructing massive monstrosity bases, engaging in plenty of PVP and multiple exchanges of tears were shed. SO in the spirit of having a server for the players, provided by donations from the players, here is a poll, please choose wisely. As with all polls a majority 75% of average max server population for the past 7 days needs to vote in favor of the change - polls will be open for 7 days.
  11. Poll closed, result - the motion did not carry, bot by vote and by lack of numbers. Thank you to everyone that voted - for both sides of the argument. Please encourage others either in your clan or on the server to connect to discord and join our forums so that they can have their say and become a part of the server community.
  12. Due to the majority vote - and the server being freshly wiped I see no reason to wait until midnight tonight to see that people want global chat back. So I have turned global chat back on - thank you to everyone who voted, on both sides of the argument. May Yog have mercy on us all...
  13. just putting it back out there for a vote seeing as the server has changed a lot since we last voted on it.
  14. Hi Decado7, yes the server was wiped with the most recent patch. Don't be scared to make a new character
  15. Im logging on and it's going to char creation. I'm too scared to make a char in case it wipes my old one...
  16. Global chat "on" allows players to communicate. Yep, it also allows griefing but when that occurs, other players become aware and have the opportunity to intervene (or not). Players can only stand up and do something when they know what is happening.
  17. i say global chat is very usefull and a grate way to help new people. yes its abused but if we cover ever one in bubble wrap because they feel hurt by unfreindly comments then they should not be on a R18 game lets get over it people and play the dame game.
  18. I personally prefer it off but i also see the value in it with keeping a server community thriving. I agree that it's usually more toxic than not but at the same time, when i'm on alone, it's sometimes nice to read it regardless, or chat, or ask questions. I haven't voted because i'm torn. My biggest issue with it being on isnt actually about toxicity, but how badly it can stop PVP. If someone kills another player, the killed person will almost certainly cry about it on global chat. It's then quite common for other tribes to step in (usually the alphas) and go kill the player who did the killing as it's an easy reason to. The reason why this sucks ass is it means you cant freely kill other players wthout suffering a server wide repercussion if that makes sense. I'm not advocating for people to be kill on sight as that can lead to a really shitty environment, but you rarely if ever see people fighting in these pvp survival games. I dont mean groups just picking on solo players they happen to find, but actively attacking bases of other known and active tribes. I just wish there was more of this, where bases were used for defences, or players tried to get in while others actively defended etc. It's just a shame this doesnt exist.
  19. Without Global Chat it seems more real. If you want to talk to someone, or hang shit on them, go find them and hang shit on them to their face (local chat), if youdare. If you want some help, go find someone and take the chance that they might kill you. The game actually feels much better without global chat. The beginner might lose out on easy access to a few tips here and there, but not too much. Now they will be told "I'm not sure, you better ask PlayerX", and that in itself has just created new content as they then figure out how to find them.
  20. while I agree that it does get toxic, turning off global chat means that others might suffer more. I would encourage the players to report players who are being to toxic and simply apply a soft ban on those that ignore warnings to stop.
  21. Global chat has been directly linked to 75% of the issues on the server. On Sunday 12 Nov I turned global chat off, But should OGN turn it back on? There are many reasons for both sides but I have been the server admin for 8 months now, and in almost every complaint I get involves global chat being used to taunt, abuse another player or just generally as a means to vent ones own frustrations to the entire server. I see global chat as more of a avenue for players to vent their frustrations to the offending players, but via a means that the entire server sees the conversation, players reputations are made or broken in global chat, and this is where the player interaction breaks down. Why go out when you can abuse or accuse another player in the public forum from the safety of your own base? Many survival games have removed global chat, for various reasons - DayZ comes to mind, I clocked up 349 hours, but that was 349 hours of crawling on the ground in one of the most unforgiving and brutal games in memory. Add to that a hacking, glitching, and toxic community, and it became not fun at all. Then Rocket removed global chat... and while the hacking remained, the toxicity lessened. Here are a few posts from about global chat and how it affects the survival game experience - I had issues finding one talking about the benefits, but I am sure they are out there: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/523890046875331699/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ConanExiles/comments/6xascq/discussion_disable_global_chat_on_pvp_servers_to/ How many people played WOW back in the day, and immediately switched off the global chat channels? Just saying - I will leave this poll open for 48 hours (til Midnight 16 Nov) what ever the result is I will follow.
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  23. I understand what Bigboydan is trying to do with this sugestion but I have to agree with ZZZZing that there will be to many grey areas to police this rule and I am also of the opinion that we should be having less rules not more, lets play the game as Funcom intended, it is the best way to give feed back to funcom on what works and does not work.
  24. This post is very vague, please clarify? How do these options have any bearing on player numbers at all? its a pvp server with building destruction, EXPECT to be raided. We need clear guidelines to make a proper judgement while voting. 1. Can i damage my own base, post a screenshot and now i cant get raided?. 2. Does it affect all my bases or just the one damaged? 3. Can a different clan raid after another? 4. What if i run out of explosives, go farm, now i cant come back? 5. How will anyone possibly know a specific base or location is "protected", expect the server to go on discord and browse pages of screenshots and all the shit talking on there?. Majority of the pop dont use it at all, and the ones in it ignore alot due to the garbage. 6. Posting a screenshot of your base also tells everyone where you are........ im down for that, saves scouting as much. 7. How about i just post the same screenshot every 4 days? You cant prove or police it. 8. What are the repercussions for breaking this rule?
  25. well say we blow just one door in then they can paste a screen shot then cant be raided again for 4 days.this rule will have too many grey areas i think and it will be hard to keep track of and also more work for frost to keep an eye out who has been raided unless there is orp
  26. 4 days is plenty for an active player, but for a casual player that can only play for a set amount of time each week it's just not going to work. a rule like this would do more to repel the casual player population, things like the real world need more attention some days.
  27. I think what is being suggested zzzing is that being chain raided is no fun, and only serves to create an environment which causes players to give up. At this point in time I am sure most clans and players have experienced both sides of that argument. I would also like to point out that I know many of you are using glitches such as the grease orb stacking and refresh glitch, which Funcom have indicated is not working as intended, so let us move on - the member who broke the original (I say player because he was alone - the clan was not involved) has served his punishment. The fact that Funcom has allowed player attacks to go through walls since the game was released or that attacks hit multiple targets is either something they want (I hope not) or they have not gotten around to fixing it. I also noted that you didn't vote - I encourage you all to vote and have your say.
  28. wait wait wait, the guys who keep breaking the rules are tying to make new rules?
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