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Oceanic Gaming is an Online Gaming Community, based in the Oceanic region.

While we are mostly from Australia/New Zealand, we welcome like-minded, mature gamers from all around the world. 

Oceanic Gaming is home to Rusted World and Oceanic ARK!

We're so pumped that you're here, and we can't wait to see you around!

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    • Mary

      Ark Ragnarok   06/13/17

      Okay so as we are all aware a new map came out and I have come to the decision it would be best for the overall community to drop the scorched earth server and replace it with Ragnarok. Why am I doing this? 1. I think it would garner a lot of interest in our community and expand the ark side of OGN 2. the new map has all the content of ark in it including wyverns. 3. Scorched was the newest server and as such it would have the least impact once changed. 4. Being up and running from the get go will allow us to be there in the thick of it watching as it evolves and knowing how it all works. I am fully aware of some of the work people have done on the scorched earth server and for that we are deeply sorry and hope you will stay with us as we move forward with this new map. I hope to see you all out there on the fields of Ragnarok.
    • Mary

      League of Legends in OGN   05/18/17

      Hey everyone, we are creating a League of Legends sub channel for our community. We intend to hold tournaments, post memes, make teams, make friends and most importantly have fun. You  will see a new channel in our discord and in the forums dedicated to League. Post any memes, talk about anything that is related and play games together. Can't wait to see you guys there!!!
    • System-Zero

      Squad key giveaway!!   04/05/17

      With the Squad free weekend looming (6th - 10th of April) we are preparing our squad servers and staff for an influx of new players! To celebrate the occasion, we will be giving away 3 copies of Squad to new players that put an effort into teamwork and communication within the game. Winners will be announced on the Sunday of the free weekend via discord and our facebook page, so make sure you flick us a like, and save our discord server!   See you on the battlefield!
    • System-Zero

      We're on Twitch!   03/07/17

      We're now broadcasting via Twitch! A few of the community members will be getting together each Sunday to host Sh*tFaced Sundays! Grab a tasty beverage and watch us play some of our favorite games. Follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/oceanicgamingnetwork
    • System-Zero

      Blackwake competition winner!   03/02/17

      The winner of our blackwake competition has been announced! Well done to Bella Lewis. PM your steam details to me at your earliest convenience. Enjoy your copy of Blackwake and we hope to be sailing with you soon!
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